Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Kim Jung Il starring in Team AmericaTeam America will be great. trey parker and matt stone were just on Conan moments ago, and the more i hear about this flick the more excited i get about seeing it this weekend. with any luck i'll be going for a 2nd viewing come movie weekend in little over a week. following Shaun of the Dead, the down period for post-summer releases seems to be picking up.

the final debate was this evening but i haven't watched it yet (i taped it, natch). it should provide a few more yuck-yucks while i'm sloggin' thru FireRed during the wee hours. oh btw, i discovered last night that USA Network's Frankenstein isn't an apparent mini-series. it's just a 2hr movie. which makes no sense considering the "movie" ends w/o an ending and very unsolved. i question whether this was just a set up for a potential series but then i still have to question the participation of the actors involved. bizarre.

welp i made a major fuckup today when i thought i booked my thanksgiving flight to abq new mexico. my brother called tonight to inform me, after reviewing the itinerary i sent him, that my flight departs abq on 11/25 and arrives back in abq from chicago on 11/30. um, how the fuck did i not notice that i booked the reverse flight? i'm sure when i call american airlines it'll cost me a pretty penny to get this flight changed. oh fun. and on a day when i donated another $25 to the city of des plaines for expired tags (that's 3 years in a row, folks!).

the upside to this week is that i successfully hired 2 more acct mgrs for my dept who both start on monday. and god knows (he does) we need the help. fuck, *i* need the help. and these are guys with some experience under their collective belts so i have high expectations. none of that affirmative action/train 'em and hope they do well bullshit (sorry, but i've had some bad experiences over the years). let's just hope they show up on monday. so that and the fact that my hearless leader is out all week have made things somewhat more palatable at thee ole office.

i've come to accept that i have a life-threatening addiction to pokemon. no, i'm not ashamed to admit this (however, i am ashamed of this behavior). life-threatening? yep. because life outside of pokemon almost ceases to exist and i have a strange feeling that things are falling apart around me. yet i'm too preoccupied to notice. i'd say between that and Hunter X Hunter anime, i'm not really giving life a fair shake these days. and that's threatening.

last night i finished downloading another 36(!) episodes of Hunter X Hunter (i'm so glad this is still a free fansub!). i watched 5 eps yesterday and another 4 so far today. the show continues to get better and better. and it's hella violent for a "cutesy" shounen. honestly, it's not all that cutesy but does build on its foundation of friends sticking together to accomplish a goal; in this case, passing the ever-so-difficult hunter exam. damn, it's a great anime.

when i attempt to sleep at night or morning, my head is swimming with pokemon strategy and HxH. so, yeah, i have a problem. another reason to catch a flight the fuck out of here to new mexico for a few days but i can't even get that right. yep, it's threatening.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Frankensteinhaving a clean bathroom is nice. really. i spent a chunk of the afternoon cleaning the head which was terribly overdue. all i have left is the area around the sink basin; and that's easy compared to the floor, tub and toilet i did today. i mention this b/c i've been negligent with a lot of things lately... incl. this blog (and all the others i choose to read regularly). not sure really why or how this came to be but somewhere along the way i decided to do little else than play that stinkin' pokemon, read magazines, and/or watch the new Fall season on TV.

speakin' of, i just finished watching the first chapter of the new Frankenstein mini-series on the USA Network. normally i wouldn't bother w/junk like that but the whole NIN (circa '94)/Se7en look of the trailers and eclectic cast (Parker Posey? Michael Madsen? Vincent Perez? Adam Goldberg?) drew me in. So far it's not bad 'cept the lack of recoil on Parker's shotgun; it's providing a very twisted albeit modern take on the Frankenstein mythology. i look forward to the next installment.

yesterday, Zombie Killer (kev) and i finally caught Shaun of the Dead. i've had the DivX for a while since it came out in England quite some time ago but held off watching, hoping to catch it in the theater here when i heard it was going to be released domestically. wow. talk about a riot of a great time! 'cept for the more serious tone (RE: lull in humor) it takes in the final act SotD is hysterical. on one hand i would think that it would do better at box office b/c it is so damn funny and marginally scary (if you're afraid of zombies and gore) but then again i think there's an obvious culture barrier that the middle of the road American citizen just can't overcome. this may be a disservice to both flicks but i guess the easiest description for SotD is that it's the Trainspotting of zombie flicks. whatever, i will own the DVD someday day.

surprisingly i haven't played as much pokemon this weekend b/c i was too preoccupied obtaining new music and making back-up DVDs; both of which i haven't done in some time. but i am motivated to get back to my old routine pre-pokemon when i wasted my time on slightly more productive things. this includes finally unpacking from my vacation a couple weeks ago and ordering those new Microman Bio-Machine, Batman, Catwoman, Batgirl and Devilman figures that i kept putting off.

plus i've been trying to stay on top of anime torrents as well as watching when i can. i know i was late to jump on the Hunter X Hunter bandwagon but since i just start watching it recently i've really come to enjoy this rather simple shounen. it's addictive for sure and ranks high at animenfo (#50 overall) w/a 9.4 rating. i suppose for the longest time it just looked too cutesy for my tastes... until i started watching and realized how well the story and characters are crafted. so i've pushed aside most other anime for HxH right now. i'm dumbfounded that this hasn't been licensed for domestic release, for either the Cartoon Network or DVD.

ok, i think that's enough to get back in the blog of things... i've got some blog reading to catch up on as well. slowly i'm gettin' back into the swing of it. really.

np: Dio - "Master of the Moon"