Sunday, August 31, 2008

after seeing tropic thunder yesterday i decided to dive into pineapple express for a matinee and it was a lot of fun. it's not typically a flick that gets me to the theater by my lonesome but when i heard the /film podcast about the film i was curious so i went. it was great. definitely a re-watch. so there's at least 2 flicks that could get replay at a future movie night.

i finally got a new shower curtain and liner today which i greatly needed and caught up with my bff in south africa during the entire process. spent more time (and up until 4am last night) this afternoon working on more san francisco yctv video cuts; it's so tedious. took an extended nap then went for a run to add my miles to the nike world run day or whatever it's called.

this evening i watched step up which was actually a lot better than i anticipated. enough so i watched most of the bonus features. scary. i also started watching my ratt dvd which is amazing so i turned it off otherwise it would've sucked the rest of the evening and unfortunately i had more video cuts to finish.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

i got the new dragonforce and slipknot records today... the cd/dvd deluxe package for each. finally saw tropic thunder which was easily the 2nd best movie this summer. just got back from a 2 hour bike ride in the woods; the last 40 min in dark. scary as hell.

Friday, August 29, 2008

today, during the actual "daytime", has been rather lackluster. by late afternoon i was lulled into a deep sleep. this morning i woke prematurely at 6AM followed by a morning meeting and other misc. work stuff. i was crazy tired by afternoon. however, tonight has been more productive with nyc, atlanta and san francisco yctv map builds as well as new map images courtesy of me. they actually look pretty decent. i could probably work all night on yctv stuff. still have so many san fran video cuts left to do.