Thursday, June 30, 2011

Viper Guy

I wish I had something to say about the The Snake (2008) but I didn't enjoy it much. The premise is interesting but I think because I didn't care for the characters I didn't care for the film. Dude, Adam Goldstein, joins an image support group so he can fuck a girl. Meh. 5.5 / 10

  • June New: 66
  • June Re-watch: 4
  • June '11 MTD: 70
  • June '10 MTD: 64
  • 2011 YTD: 386

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fast Times in Amsterdam

Hot Times at Montclair High (1989) hit during the decline of great eighties teen sex comedies and it's evident from watching this. It's a familiar trope of three teen boys that in most circumstances should not be friends but guess what? They cross paths and bond in order to help each other out. It's not bad but hardly great. 6 / 10

Amsterdamned (1988) was this week's Horror Movie Night choice and one I've been wanting to view since GGTMC covered it on their podcast. it's a Dick Maas joint and besides being a pretty cool slasher it also features the best boat chase on screen. Good watch and glad I picked up the VHS. 6.7 / 10

  • June New: 65
  • June Re-watch: 4
  • June '11 MTD: 69
  • June '10 MTD: 64
  • 2011 YTD: 385

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Time After Time

Another missed classic The Time Machine (1960) is such a wonderful film I'm sad I didn't see it as a child. It's the type that I would have loved immensely esp. since I used to have several adaptations that I would read over and over. Quality sci-fi flick. Almost erases that awful remake from 2002. 7.7 / 10

  • June New: 63
  • June Re-watch: 4
  • June '11 MTD: 67
  • June '10 MTD: 64
  • 2011 YTD: 383

Monday, June 27, 2011

I Heart Trolls

Dropped into the Music Box for a big screen assault of trolls in TrollHunter (2010), a secret screening film I missed the last Fantastic Fest. As far as found footage flicks go, this is definitely one of the finer examples. Lots to love. Already look forward to viewing it again. 8 / 10

Grabbed Blue Valentine (2010) from my library knowing it was something I had to see even if the content wasn't my thing. It's a weird film because I mostly hated it and the story-lines and the characters. But the acting here is so incredible it's hard to not recognize that achievement. Michelle Williams is terrific. 7 / 10

  • June New: 62
  • June Re-watch: 4
  • June '11 MTD: 66
  • June '10 MTD: 64
  • 2011 YTD: 382

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Killer Fish Komedy

Michael Winterbottom's 9 Songs (2004) was expiring of the Instawatch so I was compelled to finally give it go despite what I had heard about it. And wowsa it's even more explicit than I imagined. I suppose that titillation is the attraction here because the story isn't that good. But a very interesting watch. 6.5 / 10

Swamp Shark (2011) premiered on SyFy and naturally I had to watch. Goes without saying that I'm sucker for killer fish flicks and this one mostly delivers. Kristy Swanson and D.B. Sweeney lead the charge to destroy the giant shark accidentally let loose in a swamp. It's dumb but fun. 6 / 10

Another blindspot film Martin Scorsese's The King of Comedy (1983) lives up to its reputation. Really didn't have much an interest to see this outside of needing to complete my project but I'm now converted. This is a stellar piece of work with an exceptional De Niro performance. Highly recommended if you haven't seen it. 8 / 10

  • June New: 60
  • June Re-watch: 4
  • June '11 MTD: 64
  • June '10 MTD: 64
  • 2011 YTD: 380

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Keep on Space Truckin'

The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues (1955) was an Instawatch or maybe Hulu. It's that kind of title. Not a great one but watchable if you enjoy bad b-movies. It's very post-WWII with a monster being created from radiation but also wanted as a weapon. 6 / 10

The Valley of Gwangi (1969) is a film I've always wanted to see so was glad to pick it off NWI. And it's such a fine cowboys and dinosaurs flick with a tragic ending. It has a traveling circus too. Super enjoyable with excellent Ray Harryhausen stopmo. 7 / 10

OMG, Queen of Outer Space (1958) is riot! Credit to TCM for airing some cool old flicks on their Drive-In Thursdays. This is another misogynistic sci-fi where a group of male astronauts land on Venus inhabited by only beautiful woman including Zsa Zsa Gabor! Awesomeness. I wish to own this movie! 6.7 / 10
The War of the Planets (1966) is another gem courtesy of TCM. This one directed by one of my personal favorites Antonio Margheriti and is a loose sequel to his Wild, Wild Planet, which I adore. Unfortunately this film isn't as strong or as entertaining and rather convoluted despite the awesome cocktail party in space. 5 / 10

  • June New: 57
  • June Re-watch: 4
  • June '11 MTD: 61
  • June '10 MTD: 64
  • 2011 YTD: 377

Friday, June 24, 2011

Scandal in Space

Maybe Shadow (2009) was expiring on NWI that motivated me to view it or I was just curious. Either way Federico Zampaglione has directed a not-so-unique mountain-hostage thriller with a few genuine scares. It mostly works altho the final sequence isn't entirely clear. 6.5 / 10

Scandalous (1984), another NWI viewing, is a Rob Cohen directed, Larry Cohen written comedy that follows Robert Hays as an investigative reporter that gets the table turned on him as he's now the subject. It's a silly farce but enjoyable for what it is. Plus a punk rock concert! 6 / 10

Kinji Fukasaku's Message from Space (1978) is something to behold. This is not a good film but one I adore. And the costuming is incredible. I knew of Vic Morrow and Sonny Chiba's involvement here but didn't realize this also features Hiroyuki Sanada (Twilight Samurai!). I so want 1/6 scale figures of the Gavanas soldiers and emperor. I later learned that my friend pAT actually viewed this in the cinema when it was released. Man, how cool would that be?! 6.6 / 10

  • June New: 53
  • June Re-watch: 4
  • June '11 MTD: 57
  • June '10 MTD: 64
  • 2011 YTD: 373

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Challenging Christ

The Monster That Challenged the World (1957) is yet another fifties sci-fi giant monster movie. But the monsters here are giant mollusks released below the sea after an earthquake. Mostly humorous. 6.3 / 10

Besides Bruce Dern as punk biker the best thing about The Cycle Savages (1969) is the premise: gang of bikers hellbent on destroying the hands of a sketch artist… because he draws pictures of the bikers. He draws pictures of them. So they want to crush his hands. 6.5 / 10

Yeah, I've put off watching Lars von Trier's Antichrist (2009) far longer than I should have. And for no good reason, really. Now that I've seen it I think it's a brilliant film. Willem Dafoe is so damn good. Charlotte Gainsbourg continues selecting some crazy roles. May pick it up on blu-ray some day. 8 / 10

  • June New: 50
  • June Re-watch: 4
  • June '11 MTD: 54
  • June '10 MTD: 64
  • 2011 YTD: 370

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mystery Corn

The Mysterious Mr. Wong (1934) is a different Wong than Karloff's detective Wong (yet still directed by William Nigh). Actually this is Bela Lugosi's Wong and he's not quite a nice guy either. This Wong wants to possess all the magic coins of Confucius that will allow him to rule China. Or something. 6.6 / 10

Popcorn (1991) is this week's Horror Movie Night selection and a fun one to revisit. It's another fun "set in a movie theater" flick. How can you not like those? Jill Schoelen is so cute. Here's the blurb I wrote about Popcorn on my last viewing. 6.7 / 10

  • June New: 47
  • June Re-watch: 4
  • June '11 MTD: 51
  • June '10 MTD: 64
  • 2011 YTD: 367

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Serial Detecting

One of my favorite aspects of Netflix Instant Watch is the ability to watch items that I'd probably not have a chance to see otherwise. Case in point, Boris Karloff as James Lee Wong in the Mr. Wong, Detective (1938) series. Karloff is so much fun to watch, esp. his take on an Asian again (see: Mask of Fu Manchu). 7 / 10

Eden of the East the Movie I: The King of Eden (2009) was also on the Instawatch so gave it a whirl. Very convoluted anime (big surprise) and not compelling enough for me to seek out the second movie. Visually cool but meh. 6.5 / 10

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986) is another film that's alluded me over the years. Now I know why this flick always seems to get some rave recommendations. This is solid, sadistic and damn good. Michael Rooker is lights out. 7.5 / 10

  • June New: 46
  • June Re-watch: 3
  • June '11 MTD: 49
  • June '10 MTD: 64
  • 2011 YTD: 365

Monday, June 20, 2011

Gas on the Fire

Was awarded a free pass to an advanced screening of Viva Riva! (2010) at the Music Box Theater, one of their own distributed films. From the trailer this looked to be a genuinely unique film and it is. Set in capital of Congo, it's a modern African noir about a gasoline heist gone bad and the revenge and brutality that occurs as a result. Director Djo Munga has written a group of captivating characters (in particular, Patsha Bay as Riva) that keep you invested in the twisted plot of gas gangsters and corrupt officials. Very worthy movie. 7.7 / 10

Catherine Breillat's Barbe Bleue (2009) a.k.a Bluebeard was Instawatch and expiring. Possibly the only reason to view this. The fairy tale premise should work if the execution was better but even with decent visuals this film is painful to watch. Uninteresting and lacking a compelling note to save its life. Not sure what people find good in this because it's just boring. 4.5 / 10

  • June New: 43
  • June Re-watch: 3
  • June '11 MTD: 46
  • June '10 MTD: 64
  • 2011 YTD: 362

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mission to Moscow

Since the Projection Booth recently interviewed Dolph Lundgren and covered his seminal film Red Scorpion (1989) directed by Joe Zito. Figured it was time to give my VHS a spin. It's a little long in the tooth but great nevertheless as his character transforms. Cool to watch this then immediately listen to Mike and Justin discuss it on their podcast. Check it out here: Episode Five: Red Scorpion. 6.5 / 10

Stuart Cooper's Overlord (1975) was expiring on NWI so time to watch. Mesmerizing film following this young soldier as he prepares to join the army and go to war for D-Day. Poignant and recommended viewing. 7.7 / 10

Modern Girls (1986) calls back to nostalgic interest of mid-eighties Los Angeles (think Less Than Zero). This is pure light comedy that is one of those "it happens all in one crazy night" flicks. Three girls (including hottie Virginia Madsen and Daphne Zuniga) head out for a night on the town with their bestie Clifford and antics ensue. Fun watch. 6.7 / 10

  • June New: 41
  • June Re-watch: 3
  • June '11 MTD: 44
  • June '10 MTD: 64
  • 2011 YTD: 360

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kaa Stew

The Marx Brothers' Duck Soup (1933) was on my blindspot list and I'm an ass for not seeing this brilliant comedy sooner. So much to love here. Everyone should see this film in their life. 8 / 10

Disney's animated The Jungle Book (1967) is a film I know I've watched in my childhood but having such a vague recollection I had to give it an honest watch. It holds up in every way and I enjoy this more than most of Disney's more recent animated Jungle work (ex. Lion King, Tarzan, etc.). Excellent voice acting. 7.7 / 10

Belphégor - Le fantôme du Louvre a.k.a. Belphegor, Phantom of the Louvre (2001) caught my attention on the French film shelf at the library. I wish it hadn't because this is a disaster. Sophie Marceau is haunted by a resurrected spirit in this silly mummy flick that lacks a point and adequate FX. View only as a curiosity otherwise avoid. 4 / 10

  • June New: 38
  • June Re-watch: 3
  • June '11 MTD: 41
  • June '10 MTD: 64
  • 2011 YTD: 357

Friday, June 17, 2011

Emerald One-Eye

The Cyclops (1957) ran on TCM's Drive-In B-movie night. It's another Bert Gordon flick that is essentially an alternate take on his Amazing Colossal Man, kinda like a prequel in a way but with a different origin (both films came out in the same year). I'm a fan of this and Lon Chaney Jr. 6.6 / 10

Please Don't Eat the Babies (1983) a.k.a Island Fury is a fairly weaksauce cannibal slash hostage tale that has few merits but not enough to make it memorable. 5.6 / 10

Dropped into the theater for a non-3D screening of Green Lantern (2011). Disappointment is about all I can say. I didn't think the effects were that bad but it's the story that really brings it down. That and Blake Lively. Not one I care to revisit. Maybe someday but not soon. 6 / 10

Was able to rinse my eyes later at the Music Box for a midnight screening of Hobo with a Shotgun (2011) with a few of my Chicago friends. It's as if I didn't see any other movies on this day because Hobo is so fucking good. If it's possible to fall in love with a movie in its opening minutes, this would qualify. Cannot express my passion for what Jason Eisener was able to accomplish with his love letter to 80s exploitation cinema. Look forward to many viewings of this in my future. Thank you, Rutger Hauer and Mr. Eisener. 9 / 10

  • June New: 35
  • June Re-watch: 3
  • June '11 MTD: 38
  • June '10 MTD: 64
  • 2011 YTD: 354

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Predator Politicians

Ah, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939). A staple Frank Capra classic with all the sentimental hallmarks you'd expect and want. If you buy into this world the movie fires beautifully on every cylinder. But it's also terribly sappy that fortunately is overcome by its charm. Jimmy Stewart is typically excellent but I really like Claude Rains the most. Yes, another blindspot film. 8 / 10

For a killer fish flick Barracuda (1978) should be much better than it is. Unfortunately the killer fish premise is nearly nonexistent and lost to a crime plot with the baddies killing off the reporters that will expose their evil plan. Terrible. Oh hey, there's Cliff Emmich again! 4 / 10

  • June New: 31
  • June Re-watch: 3
  • June '11 MTD: 34
  • June '10 MTD: 64
  • 2011 YTD: 350

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Meeces to Pieces

Another recent VHS pick-up Thou Shalt Not Kill... Except (1985) a.k.a. Stryker's War caught my eyes for the evening. Decent Vietnam vet revenge on hippies thriller with some nice exploitation accents. Also features Sam Raimi as the cult leader! 6.6 / 10

Can't recall why I decided to view The Great Mouse Detective (1986) outside of not having seen it. Probably because it's another Disney animated feature that seems to go unnoticed. What really makes it great is all the things that you wouldn't see in a Disney animation today like smoking and drinking and gun violence. And for a take on Sherlock Holmes, I like the movie a lot. 7 / 10

  • June New: 29
  • June Re-watch: 3
  • June '11 MTD: 32
  • June '10 MTD: 64
  • 2011 YTD: 348

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rock Hard Eight

Dipping into VHS collection I was in need of some Rothrock so I gave Angel of Fury (1992) a spin. Not a very good flick but enjoyable simply because of Rothrock running and chasing and being chased. And kicking some ass in-between. 6 / 10

Hitchcock's Spellbound (1945) was also on my blindspot list but for some reason I thought I had seen it before. But soon I realized I had not so it made for a new watch and a good one even though you know how it's attempting to manipulate the viewer. Love Ingrid Bergman in this. 7.4 / 10

Headed out to the theater to finally catch Super 8 (2011), which I had been lukewarm in seeing based on the advanced buzz. And I gotta agree, J.J. Abrams doesn't entirely succeed with this film despite some good character moments. Still a good watch and one I'd certainly watch again. Esp. for the amazing performance by Elle Fanning, who steals the movie. 7 / 10

  • June New: 27
  • June Re-watch: 3
  • June '11 MTD: 30
  • June '10 MTD: 64
  • 2011 YTD: 346

Monday, June 13, 2011

Ticked Off

Settling in after that amazing weekend in Austin I caught up with a missed Horror Movie Night selection Ticks a.k.a Infested(1993). This a fun bug flick with a pretty good cast including Clint Howard and Seth Green. 6.5 / 10

From my blindspot project I knocked All the President's Men (1976) off the list. Such a quality film with brilliant moments throughout. Hoffman and Redford are so great together. 7.5 / 10

  • June New: 24
  • June Re-watch: 3
  • June '11 MTD: 27
  • June '10 MTD: 64
  • 2011 YTD: 343

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yeah, Austin

Still in Austin and spent the day with two of my favorite Austinites, Carolee (@leiabox) and Topher (@ThinkZombie). They were gracious to take me out for brunch then to several cool stores (Toy Joy!) and even to Topher's workplace. Afterward we had a few beers at Crown & Anchor (excellent beer bar with Sunday specials and good local beer). I also got to visit their awesome home and have dinner at John & Becky's home. What a great day in Austin with great people!

After dinner we headed down to The Ritz Alamo Drafthouse (my first visit there!) for the inaugural VIDEO HATE SQUAD event, a big screen viewing of a VHS tape! How fucking cool is that? And the movie… David Prior's Deadly Prey (1987) starring his brother Ted. Such a entertaining film in all the best ways of bad. Love this movie so much. David Campbell and Ted Prior were also on hand for a Q&A after the screening. Unreal. Seeing this film on the big screen and meeting Ted made the night and capped an already amazing day in Austin. 7.5 / 10

Huge thank you to my friends in Austin for making this an incredible weekend.

  • June New: 22
  • June Re-watch: 3
  • June '11 MTD: 25
  • June '10 MTD: 64
  • 2011 YTD: 341

Saturday, June 11, 2011

BTSNAT 2.5: BTS Bandits!

Back in Austin at Brian Kelley's home for another awesome installment of BTSNAT! Different set of people for this marathon sitting but still an excellent group to watch movies together for 16+ hours.

As with the last BTSNAT in December, @Noahphex leads with his pick of Scavenger Hunt (1979), a film I had recently watched most of when I discovered it was OOP. Amazing cast yet overly long. Still a fun watch to see these actors interact. Richard Benjamin, Scatman Crothers, Cloris Leachman, Roddy McDowall, Tony Randall, Dirk Benedict, et al. 6 / 10

Next was Micah's (@ReelDistraction) choice of Daryl Duke's Payday (1973), a Rip Torn joint I had seen in recent years after GGTMC covered it. Incredible performance, good film and great ending for this pathetic honky-tonk man. 7 / 10

Josh (@VHSisthetruth) couldn't make this time but provided a hilarious video intro for his film Science Crazed (1991), which is equally hilarious for different reasons. This Canuxploitation film defies all and is nearly inexplicable with its repeated use of footage and bizarre horror. Incredible film bad in every conceivable way yet you cannot stop escape it. 5 / 10 (but one I desperately want to own!)

The only way to follow that was with a little rape-revenge, BK's favorite sub-genre, with his choice of Naked Vengeance (1985). Sleazy and brutal as expected that delivers the goods. Solid entry. 7 / 10

I did locate an adequate David Prior flick for my selection with The Final Sanction (1990), starring his brother Ted Prior along side Robert Z'Dar. Kind of a ridiculous premise to pit two warriors against each to decide a greater outcome between two nations but just go with it. Stupid but good enough for this crowd, thankfully. 6.6 / 10

Jenni, @Noahphex's wife, joined us for this outing and her film was voted next, The Search for Animal Chin (1987). I adore this film and the on-location skating and shredding including the half-pipe at Tony Hawk's home. Good fun and apparently a flick my brother watched a hella lot back in the day. 7.5 / 10

Now it was time for Damon's (@zombiefreak) movie (so glad Damon make the trip as he was missed in December). His original choice wouldn't play but his back-up proved just as worthy as we belly-laughed throughout Pledge Night a.k.a. A Hazing in Hell (1990). Damn riot of a horror flick that is great with a crowd. 7.5 / 10

The final film of the BTSNAT marathon is always a Brian Trenchard-Smith movie. We were treated to his take on the Porky's franchise, Pimpin' Pee Wee (2009) a.k.a. Porky's: The College Years. Been looking forward to this since BK mentioned it at the last BTSNAT. Turns out it's a better-than-average installment that all of us managed to remain awake and entertained. 6.7 / 10

Somehow we managed to cram in an extra film and still finish before 5AM but damn what a marathon of movies and an even better time with friends. So glad I could make it down for BTSNAT 2.5 and hope I'm there for the next one.

  • June New: 21
  • June Re-watch: 3
  • June '11 MTD: 24
  • June '10 MTD: 64
  • 2011 YTD: 340

Friday, June 10, 2011

Tales of the Evil Side

I'm back in Austin! After an evening of beer and BBQ at the great Salt Lick outside of Austin, a visit to Pinballz and Rivendell, @Noahphex threw on Tucker & Dale vs Evil (2010) to close the night. Having seen it already and loving it, I was game for another viewing. Still hilarious. 8 / 10

  • June New: 15
  • June Re-watch: 1
  • June '11 MTD: 16
  • June '10 MTD: 64
  • 2011 YTD: 332

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Furry Spider

In searching for an ideal movie to take to BTSNAT 2.5 tomorrow I decided it should be a David Prior flick since he seems to be all the talk lately. White Fury (1990) is one such film in my VHS stock so I screened it to see if it was worthy. It's not bad but also not good enough despite a decent premise of crooks taking some teens hostage in a remote cabin in the mountains. Just lacks the punch. 6 / 10
Tarantula (1955) I had recorded from TCM since they started showing B-movies for their Thursday Drive-In programming this month. This is, of course, another Jack Arnold giant monster flick and also features the hotty Mara Corday. Entertaining. 6.5 / 10

  • June New: 15
  • June Re-watch: 0
  • June '11 MTD: 15
  • June '10 MTD: 64
  • 2011 YTD: 331

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Body Count

A short while back I caught the trailer for Cop Killers (1973). Instantly I knew this was a film I wanted to see. It's very much a grindhouse flick featuring a couple of asshole hippies that kill some cops then go on run terrorizing others during the chase. Such a cool movie. Wish Walter Cichy had made more like this. 7 / 10

  • June New: 13
  • June Re-watch: 0
  • June '11 MTD: 13
  • June '10 MTD: 64
  • 2011 YTD: 329

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Something Happens

For my blindspot project I finally viewed Frank Capra's It Happened One Night (1934). Certainly a fun film and Clark Gable is excellent. Good chemistry with Claudette Colbert. Didn't love it as much as I wanted to but still enjoyable and a classic. 7.4 / 10

  • June New: 12
  • June Re-watch: 0
  • June '11 MTD: 12
  • June '10 MTD: 64
  • 2011 YTD: 328

Monday, June 06, 2011

Ghoulish Hunt

Sandy Collora's Hunter Prey (2009) was added to Netflix Instawatch and I didn't hesitate to watch it after the viewing the cool factor of Collora's Batman: Dead End. It's a groovy sci-fi western that reverses the human / alien roles and looks great considering its low budget. Very tight. Look forward to his next endeavor. 7 / 10

The Ghoul (1933) was also on NWI and features Boris Karloff in an early take on the Mummy mythology. Enjoyed this quite a bit. 7 / 10

  • June New: 11
  • June Re-watch: 0
  • June '11 MTD: 11
  • June '10 MTD: 64
  • 2011 YTD: 327

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Housing Horror

Dark House (2009), a FrightFest flick, I recently picked up for a couple of bucks from a Blockbuster sale. Was interested only because it features Jeffrey Combs and I'll watch anything he's in even if it's not so great. This isn't but an okay watch about a group of people making a haunted house in a haunted house. 6 / 10

  • June New: 9
  • June Re-watch: 0
  • June '11 MTD: 9
  • June '10 MTD: 64
  • 2011 YTD: 325

Saturday, June 04, 2011

She be Valeting

Took a trip back to my hometown to visit my father who was visiting with my step-mom to care for my stepbrother (long, sad story). It was my dad's birthday and a rare opportunity to spend time with him again. While there I caught Valet Girls (1987) on NWI, another Rafal Zielinski joint. Cute comedy about a singer working as a valet girl hoping to get discovered. 6 / 10

  • June New: 8
  • June Re-watch: 0
  • June '11 MTD: 8
  • June '10 MTD: 64
  • 2011 YTD: 324

Friday, June 03, 2011

Killing in Flames

Been looking forward to Michael Winterbottom's The Killer Inside Me (2010) for quite some time. Glad my library had it on the shelf. I like Casey Affleck even tho he seems to approach his characters the same way. I appreciate his raspy delivery. Good watch with some gasping brutality. 7 / 10

Also my excellent library the blu-ray of The Girl Who Played with Fire (2009), another film I've been overdue on since watching the first installment. Heard this and Hornet's Nest weren't as good as the first film but I still found this film really enjoyable. It lacks the suspense from Dragon Tattoo but still a solid flick. Might be appreciated more if not compared to the first film. Noomi Rapace is great. 7 / 10

  • June New: 7
  • June Re-watch: 0
  • June '11 MTD: 7
  • June '10 MTD: 64
  • 2011 YTD: 323

Thursday, June 02, 2011

No Stopping the Mutants

The other feature on that DVD I rented from Lion Video was White Rat (1972) another forgotten gritty crime flick from the seventies. And not any better than How to Score with Girls. It's as forgettable as it is forgotten. Again context makes it interesting. 5 / 10

Picked up the blu for Unstoppable (2010) from my library. Pretty much what I expected from Tony Scott, a somewhat engaging but entirely silly film. I like Chris Pine here but so over Denzel. 6 / 10

Hit the midnight screening at Showplace 12 for X-Men: First Class (2011) with small audience. Nothing about the trailer or early photos made this compelling to me (other than being another superhero flick) but the advanced buzz was right; this is a good film despite its flaws. Set in the early sixties along with the origin story makes it work. First third is much better than the finale. Fassbender and Bacon steal the show but Matthew Vaughn succeeded in the end. 8 / 10

  • June New: 5
  • June Re-watch: 0
  • June '11 MTD: 5
  • June '10 MTD: 64
  • 2011 YTD: 321

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Gettin' Lucky 13

Now that Miike's 13 Assassins (2010) is screening at the Music Box I knew I had to pay a visit to catch this on the big screen. And fortunately they did screen it in theater one. I missed this at Fantastic Fest last year because I opted to see Jeffrey Combs live performance of Nevermore. I don't regret that decision as I knew I'd see 13 Assassins eventually. Thankful that I could see it in the theater as it definitely lives up the high praise. One of Miike's best. Amazing film. 9 / 10

From Lion Video I rented a double DVD that featured How to Score with Girls a.k.a. Cry Your Purple Heart Out (1976). Not a good film as it follows a group of sailors around NYC as they pick up women. But context makes it intriguing nevertheless. 5 / 10

  • June New: 2
  • June Re-watch: 0
  • June '11 MTD: 2
  • June '10 MTD: 64
  • 2011 YTD: 318

May Movie Tally

Here's the round-up for films watched in May...
Watched 48 films in May, another lower than usual total but not bad (still 20 less than last May). 44 were first time views and only 4 were re-watches. Worked on little on my blindspot project but was all over the place. Summer movie season has started so hit 6 films on the big screen (Attack the Block being the best and likely to end up on my Top Ten). Highlight was revisiting Toy Story 3 with my girlfriend, who hadn't seen it and loved it. Currently I'm at 316 films viewed this year.

Breakdown by decade:
2 film from the fifties
3 films from the sixties
13 films from the seventies
10 films from the eighties
2 films from the nineties
9 films from the naughts
14 films released in '10s (7 released in 2011)

List of all films seen (w/my score on a 10-scale):
A Dirty Shame (2004) 7
Almighty Thor (2011) 4
Angels' Brigade (1979) 6
Attack the Block (2011) 9 *cinema
Blacula (1972) 7
Blood Simple. (1984) 7.6
Brewster's Millions (1985) 7
Dead Man's Shoes (2004) 7
Despicable Me (2010) 6.5
Dial M for Murder (1954) 8.5
Dreamaniac (1986) 6 rewatch Horror Movie Night
Due Date (2010) 6.5
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (2005) 7
Explorers (1985) 6.8
Fast Five (2011) 8 *cinema
From Paris with Love (2010) 7.5
Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film (2006) 7
H.O.T.S. (1979) 6
Made in U.S.A. (1966) 7.5
Misterio en la isla de los monstruos (1981) 6
Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills (1996) 8
Paranormal Activity 2 (2010) 7
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011) 6 *cinema
Priest (2011) 6 *cinema
Raptor Island (2004) 4
Salt (2010) 7 rewatch
Scorpion (1986) 6
Scream 4 (2011) 7 *cinema
Some Like It Hot (1959) 7.5
Sorority Row (2009) 5
Special Effects (1984) 6.5
Spellcaster (1992) 6.5
Splinter (2008) 7.5 rewatch
Student Bodies (1981) 6
Survival Quest (1989) 7
ThanksKilling (2009) 4
The Abomination (1986) 6.5 Horror Movie Night
The Brotherhood of Satan (1971) 6.5
The Green Slime (1968) 6
The Hidden (1987) 7.7
The Ice Pirates (1984) 7
The Naked Kiss (1964) 7.6
The Yes Men (2003) 7
Thor (2011) 7 *cinema
Toy Soldiers (1984) 6
Toy Story 3 (2010) 9.2 rewatch
Trilogy of Terror (1975) 7.5
Vampires Suck (2010) 5

  • May New: 44
  • May Re-watch: 4
  • May '11 Total: 48
  • May '10 Total: 68
  • 2011 Total: 316