Friday, June 20, 2008

should I feel guilty for spending $31.75 at a coffee shop so me and my g/f can enjoy some nice tea, coffee and sweets while she studies and I work? I don't feel guilty, however, a couple of years ago the thought of spending any money in a coffee shop would have been unthinkable. my how things change. props for awesome organic bakery and cafe in glenview, illinois.

today has been productive; I thought up a new way to promote our yctv product using our LHD profiles; essentially, any hotel located in one our current destinations rec'd a nice (useful) map link. I needed to perform some LHD updates anyways for a few of my properties which spawned the idea. I'm rather pleased about this.

On top of that, this morning I test drove the car I plan on buying soon (hopefully in a matter of days). I have an appt to look at another one at a different dealership near my home tomorrow afternoon. gotta clean out my current wheels and prep for the trade-in.

6pm. time to go home.