Friday, April 30, 2004

email rec'd today:
Hello, my name is Evan. I have been a Spooky Kids fan since I was about 12 years old (now 18). Anywho, your website came up in a conversation I was having recently with a few other Spooky kids fans. Needless to say, when I came to your site, I fell out of my chair...I was wondering what, if any, shirts you still sell? I would love to have the hotel 666 re-print or the spooky tree one also...if you still have these shirts for sale, I would LOVE to buy a couple from you. Please include price and what sizes you have.

Thanks a fucking ton,
Evan W.
I don't love Google but here's More Reasons to Love Google. in light of their recent IPO announcement they're still trying to be the same wise-ass punks they were when they quietly took over the search engine crown. giving the big FUCK YOU to wall street takes brass balls, sure. i applaud them for that but inevitably they'll become the same big corporation they so easily dismiss now. anyways, yesterday i started reading Page's verbose diatribe contained in their IPO form... it was fun at first but grew tiring after a while of the same "we're gonna be a different $2.7 billion IPO" ad nauseam.

oh, sure. of course you'll be different, Google. the tongues will be up your ass for a change. ok, read the Wired thing b/c it captures all the highlights. worth the read if you use the internet (which is you, sucker!).

"Auction site eBay, meanwhile, is trading at 22 times its revenue with a market cap of $53-billion."

(yay! my pokemon yellow guide book arrived! w00t!)

Thursday, April 29, 2004

impressive. Tokyo Godfathers was tagged as a Collector Series dvd title by DVD Talk. which is entirely based on the movie and a short "making of" featurette. b/c there's NO EXTRAS other than a few trailers. yep, the flick is pretty damn good for anime and the slice of life take albeit somewhat twisted (3 bizarre homeless bums find a baby on xmas). i recommend it.

other than that, i got nothing. pokemon is all-consuming you know.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

email rec'd today:
"hey dudethis is just your ordinary obsessive manson fan. Question are any of these shirts listed onyour site for sale possibly the finger shirt email me back as soon as possible"

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

i just placed holds on 5 pokemon strategy guides @my library. and i picked up the Yellow guide for 9 bucks this morning. i figure if i'm gonna spend this much time on the damn franchise i might as well jump in face first and hope there's some water left in the bottom of the pool. (~4hrs last night on Yellow?)

installed my home DVD burner in my work machine and it works splendidly if not a bit of a drag on the OS (it's a slower machine). anyway the test burn went well and i killed 4.33gig of spiced files in one swoop. i'm looking forward to getting this HD cleaned out and usable again. only 45gigs to go!

so my work DVD-ROM went into my home PC (replaced my CD-ROM) and now i can successfully play my UT2004 disc once again. seems there was a bugger or two w/my new burner that didn't like that disc. ah well, it's all good now. i started watching Ninja Scroll the Series the other day... for a long while i wasn't interested but after watching ep1, i'm hooked. ep2 was just as good if not better. and it's pretty much like the movie altho maybe not quite as dark. yet still brutal and gory as all hell.

i _may_ watch idol since i at least have something to do now while it's on.

Monday, April 26, 2004

Overclocking your Gameboy Advance. This is serious. So take it seriously.

my weekend pokemon binge wasn't nearly quite as extreme as led to believe. I'm guess only around 15-18 hrs total. it's hard to say really since i was doing other things a lot of the while. but i was consumed by it. besides picking up provisions at traders on saturday i also ran into worst mart for a few things. ended up buying 4 more unnecessary $5.50 DVDs: Dual to the Death, Freddy Got Fingered, The Deep, and Godzilla (Emmerich version). i have no explanation as to why i bought these. and i'm not playing Sapphire yet... i'm still widdling my way thru Yellow and don't wanna bail on it yet despite the prettiness of Sapphire. matter o'fact, i'm gonna pick up Silver later this week.

btw, spice's atlanta grape crush clip finally made the jimmy kimmel show tonight.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

i am happy to report that as of 2AM tonight, absolutely nothing of noteable interest occurred this weekend. was last to leave the office on friday and ended up playing pokemon most of the night. outside of returning to EBX to get $11 refund for my GB games, saturday was more pokemon (and i picked up Sapphire for $24 and change total at Gamestop - that's a sick game if there ever was one). watched Tokyo Godfathers, which was great - funny and serious. back to pokemon. slept most of today for the helluva it (stayin' up til 6am had something to do w/that). caught up w/inferno, saw Sopranos, hit a couple anime digisubs all while doing the pokemon. sick.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

after much ballyhoo, i got the new dvd burner installed and working... quite a pain to get the apps to recognize it but finally it's working. 'cept now there's a conflict w/my PC and the drive with my UT2004 disc. it worked once. but not since... ugh. i may have to uninstall and reinstall using this drive. fantastic.

trying azureus torrent client and in some ways it's pretty cool and other ways not so hot. maybe i just need to learn how to use it properly. ah well. someday, i'm sure.

looks like i slided out of going to Toronto (co-worker gets the honor of going in my place). i'm thrilled about that. and, yes, i'm still stuck on pokemon and getting less and less quality sleep. and thanks to spice i set up my gMail acct. we'll see how that flies...

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

not getting shit for sleep this week and it's fucking up my neck again. lovely. yesterday's arrival of my flaming GBA_sp spells doom... doOM... DOOM. i'm stuck to my pikachu like super glue and my only concern appears to be giving him the time of his life. wish i had some damn instructions or something...

looks like i'm headed north again... this time to Toronto. no word of a lie.

W.A.S.P. - "The Neon God: Part 1 The Rising"
TNT - "My Religion"
The Spooky Kids - "Lunchboxes & Choklit Cows"
Various - "Kill Bill Vol 2 Original Soundtrack"

benQ DW822A 8X Internal DVD+/-RW Drive

Monday, April 19, 2004

this just in: Scientists Pin Date on L.A. Quake. guess i'm waiting until Sept 6 to move to LA.
literally just walked in the door from the Rasputina show. christ, why did it have to be a sunday night. anyways, they rokked. it was loud as all hell. they did 22 songs total. just wish it hadn't been so freakin' late!

1. things i'm gonna do
2. my orphanage
3. antiquehighheelreddollshoes
4. if your kisses can't hold the man you love
5. howard hughes
6. rock n roll
7. rose k
8. the mayor
9. secret message
10. watch tv
11. wicked dickie
12. momma was an opium smoker
13. when i was a young girl
14. barracuda
15. saline the salt lake queen
16. rats
17. high on life

18. rusty
19. new zero(!)
20. baby got back (by request)
21. concubine remix
22. bad moon rising

Sunday, April 18, 2004

my day of misadventure began when i left to return BB rentals realizing i hadn't dressed appropriately; it was too warm for warm-up pants! plus i had forgotten my EB & Gamestop discount cards. so i returned home, changed, found the cards and headed back out for Old Orchard. had under 2hrs to hit some game stores before i had to be @village 18 for The Punisher.

upon arriving @skokie blvd i decided to peruse the BB there b/c they have the best selection of PVDs i've seen in the area. found a couple of things and was held up by an overly mouthy mgr who couldn't keep her trap shut. fucking annoyed i finally got out of there and parked at the wrong entrance @old orchard and had some difficulty finding the EBX store. once there i searched all the used GB games contemplating which were the best value. picked 5 and checked out only to discover that i never put the discount cards in my wallet. good going, dumbass. so no discount unless i return w/the card. great.

fucking annoyed i decide that w/only 30min on the clock i may not make it down to village 18 for the 1:50pm showtime so i park my car in another location at OO and decide to check movie times there (duh, i had totally forgotten there was a theater there). checked vindigo on my Clie first and couldn't find the theater so i ran inside only to discover that the theater was right next to the damn EBX store. doh! i do the 1:45 showing of The Punisher. it was a cool flick 'cept for the assholes talking around me during the entire viewing. thankssomuch.

movie over, i head back to the car only to see from a distance that i pulled a dorfman and left my back windows down! oh this is great. w/my just purchased games in the back seat, PVDs in the front along w/a dozen or so CD cases + 3 full CD wallets. smooth one. get to car to find nothing disturbed. talk about being relieved! head home and drag my bike out for an hour ride. now i'm cooling down in wait for the 10:30 Rasputina show tonight. i'll be glad when this stupid sunday is over...

Capturing the Friedmans (2-disc)
Melvin Goes To Dinner
Yu Yu Hakusho vol 1 & 2

Pokemon Yellow - Special Pikachu Edition (GB)
Bomberman (GB)
Zelda: Link's Awakening (GB)
Zelda: Oracle of Ages (GBA)
Megaman Xtreme (GBA)

Saturday, April 17, 2004

no feel meso i guess there's a Lost in Translation DVD backlash? at least that's ebertroeper said tonight on their show. i guess those that didn't see it in the theater aren't getting the same warm-fuzzies from watching it for the first time on DVD. that somehow the isolation and loneliness isn't "translate" as well thru the small screen or something. i wouldn't know; i saw it in the theater. shame if you didn't... the movie rocked. but at least there's a reason if you're not feelin' it off the tv.

long day started w/Kill Bill Vol 2 around 2pm w/past0r and sal. afterwards into the far north side for the best biryani on devon @ghareeb nawaz. totally fulfilled on the verge of uncomfortable we stopped to shop at traders where i picked up 4 or 5 different bars of soap. raydeen convinced me that going back to the bar was a good idea afterall. hit some more stores and finally got outta their hair after about 9hrs together. back in time for roep a dope and roger.

oh yeah, KBv2 was excellent as everyone says despite being an almost completely different move than KBv1. it was a rich experience and i look forward to seeing it again soon.

Friday, April 16, 2004

Gillian Chunganother fried friday in the office. i'm getting tired of friday being the worst day of the week in terms of work. took an hour bike ride down to the cementary to purge and ran into 3 large whitetail that managed to survive the winter w/o getting run over on higgins rd. they just stared at me as i cruised by.

finished watching The Vampire Effect (Twins Effect) which was a really stupid HK flick esp. considering the all-star cast and hoopla surrounding it. the cute actresses (Gillian Chung is smokin'!) and their fight scenes are the only redeeming qualities of this silly disaster.

picked up a small giordano's special and finished watching Kill Bill Vol 1 in preparation for KBv2 tomorrow. man, i love that flick. i think it may be one of my favorites of all time. too early to tell. glad i was able to convince _some_ of my friends to catch it in the theater. (yeah, that was a jab)

how bad was that dentist visit yesterday? mouth is still sore. love it. UT2004 is calling...

American Splendor
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2-disc)
Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed
Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere Vol 2

Thursday, April 15, 2004

so much for that healthy tax return.... i just dropped another $471 at the dentist. so glad my company decided to eliminate dental insurance. at least i can punch myself in the face for the next few hours and not feel it.

impressive: Tarantino's 'Bill' Makes a Killing on DVD.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

sry to take up a whole hella lot space w/1 image but the smaller she gets the less detail can be seen:

she-spawn reborn

i'm not terribly all into mcfarlane toys much anymore... 'cept maybe the cheapy on sale or the exceptionally well sculpted ones (i.e. Mandarin Spawn). well, it appears there are few gems in the upcoming reborn series 2 line hitting this summer. one is the remake of the She-Spawn (above). the original arrived early in the line (series 2 or 3 maybe?) way back in '95. she was due for a makeover. and now she looks pretty hot.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

(watching Al Franken on Howard's E! show and it's just as funny as the original radio broadcast) i'm always relieved when i finish my taxes. sure, mine are easy but i'm such a procrastinator w/them even tho i always receive a nice return. which in turn prompts me to buy more gadgets (see below). w00t! my celebratory dinner was a small lou from Lou Malnati's. w00tx2!

i told myself before the week started that i would leave the office early everyday to make up for the work infringement on a company holiday last week. instead i've somehow managed to work an additional 1.5 hrs on top of my regular hours! wtf?! that and this confounded cold virus i picked up during the montreal trip have put me in a rather cantankerous mood. hrmph!

tuesday acquistions:

Kill Bill Vol 1
Reservoir Dogs SE
The Vampire Effect (aka The Twins Effect)
Samurai Fiction

Yakuza: Japan's Criminal Underworld
"Out" by Natsuo Kirino

Game Boy Advance SP - Flame on! ($81 shipped)

hot GBA news: "Square fans will be pleased to find out that Final Fantasy I & II are coming to the Game Boy Advance, along with updated graphics and some brand-new extras, all in a one package. Square fans will probably be equally crushed by the fact that a US release date has yet to be announced for this tidy little RPG package."

Sunday, April 11, 2004

first honest sleep in a long time last night. easter dinner was great as usual but the after-dinner pro-Bush, pro-war, pro-republican banter was a bit much. made it back to my apt in record time (2hrs 10min) after driving 85-95mph all the way. catnapped then off to the soldout Fantomas show...

Fantomas - Metro April 11 2004 amazing to get there as late i did and still get a prime spot along the rail. caught about 20min of Melt Banana who were amazing (and the bass player so adorably cute!). then Clie'd until 9pm when Fantomas took over. i stood roughly 8ft from Dave Lombardo w/Patton facing me on the other side of the stage. set was only an hour.ten but watching a mad scientist at work it was plenty. i figure half the crowd was there only to see Patton anyways (heard a girl take a cell call behind me yelling, "just waiting for mike patton to take the stage!") since even the all-star nature of Fantomas doesn't lend itself to accessibility. esp. their latest opus, which isn't accessible whatsoever. pull a file from the STK drive and you'll instantly see why. ^_^

Saturday, April 10, 2004

yesterday i'm back at my car @10AM after the most agonizing flight i can remember in a long time. make a beeline to the library to pick up a bunch of holds they've been calling and leaving msgs about. walked out w/half dozen or so of books (incl. a couple of trades) and 5 dvds. finally home to unpack and repack for the weekend away to visit the 'rents for easter dinner.

nap for 5 hours. finish packing the car and on the road at 10PM (@folks' by 12:30). the sleep doesn't suit me so well and i remember last looking at the clock around 4AM this morning. up early to kick into the massive laundry i've been saving up for such an occasion. after a few loads head over to my dad's station for my free car wash (after unloading all my recyclables). take pop to Hungry Hobo for lunch then hit the davenport mall in search of cheap toys. pick up the only two micros left at suncoast ($2.24/each). stumble around the mall-gawkers for a bit then stop by Griggs Music to get the number of the guitar tech who worked on my guitar years ago.

slide in the bettendorf blockbuster that always has plenty of PVDs that most others don't have. only found 1 thing of interest; didn't buy. headed over to Good Will to drop off some items and then shop the attached Video Games Etc store. weekend sale was buy 1 get 1 half off. not really buying VGs right now so i picked a couple of used DVDs: slipknot's Disasterpiece (2-disc) for $12 and a strange (old) view askew release "Drawing Flies" starring Jason Lee for $5.

home to a snack, nap, and dinner. split for worst buy and was tempted by the GBA SP selection but passed... for now. checked the minidisc selection then cruised over to TRU and picked up a couple of clearanced DC controllers (madcatz and intec) for $5.46 total. also grabbed a bunch of those Stan Winston creature figures for $1.98/each (original srp $14.99!). according to his site, apparently he's involved in some lawsuit w/TRU hence the cheap prices for these. whatever. i'll take just about any cool hunk of poseable plastic for cheap.

off to Whitey's for a soft cone then back home w/the 'rents and my annual rejection of mom's invite to join them for easter services at church. i can't remember the last time i went w/them for easter but you'd think she'd give up one of these years. ah well. off bed and some anime watching before crashing. 'nite!

Friday, April 09, 2004

8:45AM after a horrible night of sleep and no b-fast i meet up w/our clients and jonboy in the lobby and drive over to the client's office. and i'm just dying from lack of sleep as the fogginess and haze can't seem to leave my head or eyes. coffee not doing the trick. the toronto attendee throws out "no word of a lie" at some point and we acknowledge it as some canadian thing.

noon-1PM: lunch at some bizarre chicken joint across the street. feeling a bit better now. but the sleepiness seeps in and i'm wishing for type of amphetamine or cocaine about now.

2PM: can hardly keep my head in the meeting. still wishing for the cocaine.

3:30PM: play bejewelled a few times during the meeting and run some anki flashcards just to stay awake.

4:05PM: so fucking tired. eyelids heavy. struggling to stay awake.

4:30PM: finally i'm up. deliver my presentation among a few goodbyes (jlawrence & toronto attendee have flights to catch - lucky them). my deal goes well and i'm actually feeling awake for the first time.

5:30PM end the meeting and fight the traffic back to the hotel - get a side tour thru westmount where the rich ppl reside incl. an incredible old mansion once inhabited by charlie chaplin when he was kicked out of the US. freshen up and head to dinner in the old town area of the city. very cool. dine at a french restaurant and feast over one rich course after another. lots of wine and cheese to break it up. cap it all w/an expresso. bad move.

10:15PM back @the hotel and decide to walk off the meal. the food was rich almost to the point of nauseating. walk a mile down sherbrooke to the 1500 block and the gallery district. my stroll spans the length of McGill University (canada's Harvard) on the other side of the street. students and hotties abound.

11:15PM attempt to crash but instead stay awake all night. wonderful. i regret the expresso and wish i was home.

observations from the short stay in montreal: lots of french canadian hotties, everywhere. lots of mazda mx-3s, everywhere. lots of graffitti, everywhere on everything.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

recapping wednesday flight into montreal...

tip #1: get a passport. period.

besides being the all-purpose best ID you can have, flying into canada requires it. birth certificate? forget about it. they don't care about that anymore. somehow, i made it thru customs and immigration after much ballyhoo and interrogation. fun stuff. no, not really. so now i'm a on list that says i cannot enter canada w/o a passport next time. merci.

after checking in our hotel we stride up to st laurant street where cheeky restaurants line the street... jonboy decides on the one w/the best looking scenery. no non-smoking/smoking sections here... all-smoking all the time. nice! waitress was a ringer for mtv's trishelle only hotter but equally as ditzy. i have the best seat as the other blonde number waiting tables is in my line of sight most of the evening (waitresses here clad in matching black leather minis and go-go boots... hhhhhot). also plenty of french canadian hotties at all the nearby tables. dinner was excellent despite the shoptalk until 11pm. and trishelle entertained us w/her story of seeing the britney spears concert.

turn in and end up partly watching one of the star trek movies in french (almost all of 40 channels are in french). catch a talkshow that features several of the french hotties from Les Gladiatrices and later Carmen Electra shows up. interesting to watch despite the language barrier. ah well. bedtime.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

meet your next star wars villian: General Grievous. don't laugh.

thanks to the sleeping pills i'm hung over this morning. can barely keep my head up. i may try to locate my additional ID info at lunch since my 12:30 was cancelled (wasn't planning on taking a lunch today).

this just in: our lead creative director (who replaced capt'n satan last summer) is quitting. ha!

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

QotD: "April is Alcohol Awareness Month! Take a bottle of rye whiskey to lunch and introduce it to people who may not be aware of this excellent American spirit." - Lew Bryson
i won $55 in the pool. 1st place b/c evil brad forgot to include a final score (which is the tie breaker). whatever. i won. first time. lots of 2nds and 3rds over the years but never 1st place. despite that, plenty of nervous tension in me. i fly to montreal tomorrow and i'm not prepared to go. and i didn't want to go in the first place. i have no clue where all the identification items are that i need in order to get into canada in case they ask for them (no, i never got that fucking passport so stop asking me). so i have to look thru all my crap tonight in hopes of finding *something* i can use for ID. that and pack for the stupid trip.

i should be happy. besides winning $55, i picked up the new In Flames album released today. That along w/the latest Muse and Fantomas releases. but alas, i am not very happy right now. i'm not looking forward to digging around for ID material.

i just want to take a nap. i'm not getting consistent sleep so i'm constantly in a haze... this morning i had some weird dream with rasputina in it (likely due to listening to them just before falling asleep). and there was some cool g/f i had w/the same name as the guy from australia that builds xml feeds for overture. the dream was all sorts of weird but i cannot remember much of it now, unfortunately. all i remember was that it was wacky and cool somewhat. head's just not in game today.

Monday, April 05, 2004

so there was like 10 of us out tonight at champps to watch the final NCAA game. and the whole thing was about as underwhelming as it gets. besides the game sucking ass, the girls seemed more interested in their cell phones, how they looked and what they were ordering to eat than the actually game. blah... whatever. i had my eye on a waitress all night anyways.

my pick to win it all won it all. first time i've done that. i think i came in either 1st or 2nd in my office pool. at least i got my $$$ back. that 16oz burger is killing me right now. they call it the Pepperjack Bacon Stack... stakked indeed. i'm uncomfortable and tired. need new Palm games.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

yesterday (up to this afternoon) was rather fulfilling for a change.
crashed around 4AM and back up between 8 and 9.
9:30 on the road into the city to meet raydeen for b-fast @Wishbone.
after our satisfying meal we head over to hi-fi to find out they are closed.
so we hoof over to evil clown, buy some CDs then back hi-fi to buy 2 brides tix.
noon on the road to yorktown to meet capt'n gristlecakes.
arrive 1:30, get hellboy tix and proceed w/watching the 2hr flick. it was decent.
afterwards we split - those 2 head back to batavia. i head home.
5:30 grab grub, eat, organize DVDs for movie nite.
6:30 back on the road into the city to pick up phixed.
7:30 w/phixed in tow arrive at park west for the buckethead show.
8:30 buckethead begins; over at 9:23. take phixed home.
9:56 hit 290 in the loop; 10:30 take hwy 31 exit to batavia.
arrive a few minutes later for movie night w/the guys.
chat for a while then fire up "wisconsin death trip" followed by "Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla"
then "Hell's Highway - The True Story of Highway Safety Films" caps the morning as we doze off around 5AM (6AM).
up around 11:30 (daylight savings time) and off to IHOP for brunch.
back at my apt around 3PM; nap at 4, up at 8 for the sopranos. whew.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

so i found out at around 6PM today that i'm flying to Montreal next week on the 7th for a couple days. get back Good Friday morning. wonderful.

our lead creative sent around yet another email aprils fools jokey joke, this time saying "i promise this one won't fry your computer".

um, isn't that what you said about the first one?