Monday, February 21, 2005

so today worked out nicely considering i called in sick right around the time i was due in the office. i wasn't sick so much as i was completely exhausted from not falling asleep until sometime during the 6 O'clock hour. i tried to sleep but it just wasn't doing...

before finally dozing off i had already determined there was a pretty good chance i was going to call in sick. i told myself that if i did i wouldn't waste the day entirely. fortunately i did not. after pulling myself awake and checking the absurd messages left from my office, i headed to Lincoln Park to take in an afternoon viewing of Sky Blue... and i'm so glad i was able to watch this on the big screen!
Sky Blue
as the reviews declare Sky Blue is a gorgeous film. the CG and traditional cel animation meld together almost seamlessly (unlike Appleseed). Also despite the reviews panning the eco-futurist storyline it was actually pretty good and a helluva lot less convoluted Japanese anime. oh yeah, Sky Blue is a product of Korea if you didn't know. i'll definitely be snagging this DVD when it's released. it may even make a movie night appearance...

...outside of that i spent a leisurely day down on the northside 'nobbing around shopping and whatever. it was a delightful sick day indeed. i'm sure to enjoy more of these if things continue the way they are at the office. blah.

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