Monday, December 08, 2008

I did something I can't ever remember doing before... erm, maybe I did a long time ago, a real long time ago. anyways, I finally joined the gym down the street (cardinal fitness) which I should've joined back when I only lived a few blocks away rather than a mile. and it's cheap.

I think my age and my health recently spurred the decision (along w/the frigid weather severely limiting any outdoor activities). I guess I'm worried about falling back into the same trap that snared me for several years (from the late 90s to '04 or so). The fact that I've jumped from 160s into the 170s in only a couple months is disconcerting. it's a slide I can't allow to continue. and truthfully, I haven't done much (read: almost nothing) in the way of exercise in those couple of months; it makes sense.

so I went to gym tonight for the first time. it was weird.


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