Sunday, June 07, 2009

First Back to Back in 2009!

Knowing I had to squeeze in as many theater viewings as possible, I opted for a back to back viewing today at Kerasotes Showplace 12 by picking the best combination for little or no break between films. First up was Terminator Salvation which I had been putting off due to landslide of negative reviews. It wasn't nearly as bad as the reviews make it out to be. I actually enjoyed it for what it was. Sam Worthington steals the movie.

Next up was Sam Raimi's venture back into small film horror, Drag Me to Hell. This was a thoroughly well done flick but I think it didn't resonate with as much as I wanted (either due to having sat thru one 2 hour flick just prior or because of the overwhelmingly positive reviews praising the film that inflated my anticipation). Still enjoyed this flick and the ending was the best evar (for 2009 anyways).

Had to get Step Brothers back to library tonight so threw it in and it had it's moments. Wasn't really up for another Will Ferrell comedy but since it took so long to get this from my hold list I watched anyway. I must say that Mary Steenburgen looks fabulous here.

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