Thursday, August 31, 2017

Midnight Runners

190.5/43.5 - Had another physical therapy appt so bolted early to get home, changed and to the hospital. Was a little late but didn't bother Christina none. She's been a great therapist and I'll be sad when my visits end. However, I will be happy when I'm back to 100 percent. I'm still not there yet and have one more PT session to go. It's been a long process healing. I'll say it again; don't ever fracture your ankle.

After my PT session I headed up to AMC Showplace 12, my usual local cinema, for a movie. Midnight Runners, a new Korean film, was screening so I figured I'd take that in even though my moviepass subscription still hasn't updated to unlimited. So I paid the full admission price. Ah well. The movie is fine. It tries hard to be a comedy of two misfits trying to make their way into the police university. After they make it in is when the film starts to get more dire with a few humor beats thrown in to remind us of the comedy and keep it light.

The two leads are good but the action vs brains of the buddy cop team up never materializes. It’s just two recruits that are basically the same with the same interests and whatnot. Movie plays up the humor of this however and sometimes it works despite getting deadly serious when the crime ring unfolds. I don’t want to label as comedy but it tries so hard for half the film to be one then changes tone.
That these two guys have to break up the ring themselves is a odd thing to highlight the problems with process in the police force. I give it a half star bump for the post-credits stinger which affected me more than anything else in the film. Kinda amazing to note that my local cinema currently has three Korean films screening at the moment; Midnight Runners, A Taxi Driver, and The Battleship Island. I wish it was like this all year!

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