Tuesday, November 09, 2004

here's what i posted at the spookhouse about the Manson show tonight at the Riviera Theatre in Chicago:

i suppose the chicago show was pretty much like jeff's description of the cincy show... 'cept M kept saying "chi-KAgo, chi-caGO, etc." between the songs w/emphasis on different syllables each time he repeated it. it reached a point where i realized that he didn't have anything interesting or witty to say so all he said was "chicago" over and over to keep the crowd in it.

he did say something early in the set about the Good Charlotte/Sum 41 show a block away at the Aragon - making fun of them ("goddamn canadians") and their fans - even tho apparently Sum 41 was in the right balcony watching M. when Sum 41 came into the balcony right before the show began, many on floor flipped them off and started chanting "Fuck You" which turned into "Man-son".

my take-aways:
- sold out show? that's how i heard it but it didn't seem that way inside the venue having been to several soldout shows at the Riv. but there was lots of ppl there.

- the Riviera Theatre. M last played here on the ACS tour. it was almost uncanny that the setlist swirled in and out of ACS ending w/the title track (i was hoping for a Man that You Fear reprise but no such luck).

- the crowd. great audience. good energy. i was shocked b/c i haven't seen M since the GGG tour and the last show i saw was in C-land where the turnout and overall vibe was weak. tonight's crowd was into it and the greater majority seemed to identify w/all the tunes. i was impressed... that not only are there still lots of ppl into MM but they also know the tunes and showed up.

- the band. chris looks like a substitute but rocked nevertheless. guitarist is non-existent, probably the way M wants it. pogo was pogo. skold was actually cool to see and did fine. M clearly likes Skoldy since he hangs all over him during the show and avoided the other bandmates.

- Skold. that was the first time i've seen Skold in MM and he still looks young. KMFDM played here last night to which i recalled the 1st time i saw Skold live was with MDFMK a few years ago. now he's in a different band yet crossing paths w/his previous gig. i just found it odd.

- Get Yer Gunn. i cannot remember the last time i saw that performed live. definitely wasn't on the GGG tour. does anyone have a setlist handy from the MA tour? i'm just curious how long it's been since i've seen that live. i'm glad they played it too b/c it was stuck in my head all day.

- scratchy intro song. that's a Manson tune that now escapes me. i think it's off of ACS or maybe it was MA. could be from the "Manson by Cellos" CD. or from something else. does anyone know which tune it is?

- M was on. he didn't really make any mistakes or miscues. nor did he blow up. i'd say he seemed on autopilot and did a good job. i wasn't in the front row but it looked like he was really locked into the front row so i'm sure those kids had an experience - all the magick and eyes staring lasers thru your skull stuff. during one moment he pointed to someone in the front and just stared at them until he cracked a sly grin.

- overall i enjoyed the show. i actually got goosebumps when M started into the Family Trip. some dude behind me that obviously didn't get the memo on the correct MM concert attire says right after 'Stop the Boat!': "huh, i have no idea what that was or what he was saying." and he was the apparent MM expert among his little crowd behind me. he just looked out of place and sounded like it as well.

altho i've seen most of it all before, 'cept for the GAOG material, i'm glad i went. it's been too long and i'm glad it was a decent show. nothing particularly memorable like the old days but at least i could see M up close again. it was also the longest MM show i've seen at 1.5hr. and i definitely think the theater venue suits him better and his energy isn't lost as it is in arenas and sheds.

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