Wednesday, December 01, 2004

thanksgiving wasn't as eventful as one might think. i actually spent it by myself which i haven't done in a long time (probably 9 or 10 years since the last loner turkey day). normally being alone on a traditionally "family & friends" type of day makes me a tad melancholy but this year i didn't have time for much of that kind of thinking. see, i was busy trying to move as much of my apt into another apt 3 doors down. that on top of cleaning my place and making it presentable enough for my landlord to start showing it to prospective renters during my holiday absence. yep, i left the following day for a few days in the cold desert paradise known as Albuquerque.

i had decided to fly to ABQ a couple of months ago when i realized that i wanted no part of my family's plans to drive 10hrs to Rapid City South Dakota and spend 5 days at my step-sister's home. you've heard of a "blue christmas" right? well this would've been a "Red" thanksgiving. Red as in Right, if ya catch my meaning. and that would've been too much for me in such a closed environment. don't get me wrong, i love most of my family but have reached a point in my life where i can only take them in doses... small doses.

So i opted to spend a few days w/my brother and his 4 dogs and sleestakk, my iguana. then there was the slight annoyance of his roommate's girlfriend.

anyways, it was a few days of pretty much nothing. and when i say nothing i mean nothing. unless petting any one of his 4 dogs counts as something. this isn't to say that it was a bad few days b/c it wasn't. it was just a few days about nothing really. our ink appt was cancelled so nothing happened w/that. the one night we went out nothing was happening so we went home after a few stops and drinks along the way. i did go out of my way to make Slee a killer salad and tried to configure his heating element since it's on the verge of winter down there. but mostly i sat around petting the dogs. at least my brother's dogs are "hella cool", as his roommate's girlfriend would say.

overall it was a nice if uneventful getaway. i got see my brother's new truck and his new "old truck" project (he's restoring an old '31 Ford into a hot rod). we watched movies, ate out for every meal, and played with the dogs. had i known 2 months ago that i would be moving to a new apt during the same time as thanksgiving i'm sure i wouldn't have booked the trip. i have a ton of shit to do w/the move and being gone for 5 days has only slowed the process. that said, i'm happy i got to hang with my brother once more before the end of the year. and he has hella cool dogs that won't hesitate to kick you off the bed during the night. and that, my friends, was my thanksgiving vacation!

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