Friday, December 03, 2004

so i cont'd my annual tradition of making an ass out of myself at the company xmas party last night. funny thing is, i don't remember most of it. as in, i _really_ do not remember. i woke up fully hung over this morning going thru the motions preparing myself for the day ahead. when i got into my car i noticed immediately that i had a full tank of gas. that was red flag #1 since i've never had a full tank of gas in that car since i've owned it (hasn't even been a month yet). very suspicious. so i tried to recollect the evening and nothing came to mind. then i became scared.

when i arrived at the office and conveyed this to the other culprits who attended last night's festivities; they began to tell drunken tales of things that i did not recall nor could put into context from what little i did remember. from what i gathered, i could only remember back from around the time we left our company party and headed to the restaurant bar. after that i don't have any memories. not only has this made me frightened it has also made me angry. angry that i somehow allowed myself to get so teetering sloshed to not only forget most of it the next day but somehow, some way i managed to drive my new car home... and stop along the way for a fill-up. WTF kind of idiot can i be?!

I'm actually too ashamed to discuss this little event anymore. it's embarrassing and foolish. i hope to never pull a stunt like that again.

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