Saturday, May 24, 2008

I watched a flick lastnight I got from Netflix called Frontier(s). It's connected to the Lions Gate/Horrorfest series... and I wish it was one of the flicks that I saw last fall (@Horrorfest 2). I don't remember if this one was listed or not but it's quite disturbing. The first 3/4 are intense and done well... the final sequence was bit rushed, IMO, maybe to get the movie under 2 hours. anyways, It's worth the watch if you haven't seen it; It's like Texas Chainsaw Massacre.. in France. Has that High Tension vibe to it.

Oh, I just checked; it wasn't part of Horrorfest but they are promoting it (it was in a handful of theaters on May 9). I'm glad I didn't see the trailer beforehand... it's all spoilers. So don't watch the trailer (assuming you haven't seen the flick; if you have, never mind).

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