Monday, May 26, 2008

memorial day 2008. being out today reminded me of a couple things I hate about the warmer weather we're finally experiencing... the first: seatbelt enforcement zones. this is a lovely way to slow the already slow traffic; what's worse are the idiots that don't bother to put their seatbelt on after seeing the signs then get flagged and ticketed only moments later. duh. It's always nice to know our tax dollars are going towards the installation of 4 or 5 cops on a slow street corner to enforce seatbelts.

The second: ice cream trucks. This, to me, is arguably the most annoying aspect of warm days. I cringe whenever I hear that same stupid (loud) tune echoing thru the neighborhood that switches between "The Entertainer" and some other equally repetitive jangling tune. Ugh. I remember the ice cream trucks when I was a kid... and even patronizing them when they came into our cul-de-sac. But I've never had a fondness for them. Yet, over the recent years, I've developed a hatred for them. I wish I had a device that would silence them anytime they came into the vicinity. Then maybe I wouldn't care so much.

Saw tCoN: Prince Caspian today... it was okay.

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