Sunday, July 05, 2009

Five for the Fifth

I'm sorry but Ghostbusters 2 is not a good film.

Twister is so utterly and pathetically predictable it's nearly a worthless watch. Really dislike flicks where the entire plot straight to the end is spelled out in the first 10 minutes.

Talk about a bitchin' monster flick, Alligator fits the bill. Was elated when Henry Silva shows up as the big game hunter. Of course he does. I know I haven't seen that one for at least 20 years (prolly more) yet it still holds up.

Squirm is an unpleasant reminder of how dangerous earthworms can be en masse.

Hatchet isn't a bad modern day horror flick but the intentional camp is bit tiresome. Camp is really best when it's not intended. But still an okay and sometimes humorous watch.

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