Saturday, July 25, 2009

Monster Film Fest @ Portage Theater

Tonight I went to the Monster Film Fest at the Portage Theater in Portage Park, Chicago. Was a fun evening and decent turnout to watch 3 old-school horror flicks on the big screen. First up was the comical The Deadly Mantis from 1957. Lots of chuckles during that one that was replete with old military footage and sped up footage of Inuit running and paddling in terror.

Second was a much more terrifying (and yet still humorous) Monster on the Campus (1958) that features a grisly dead woman hanging by her hair in a tree and an axe to the face. The final film of the night was Hammer Films 1961 The Curse of the Werewolf, a much more serious horror film. Love how Hammer horror films are so straight forward even when you expect a red herring.

Came home afterwards and threw in the silly 80's post-apocalyptic A L I E N rip-off Creepozoids. Just not very good except to see another early Linnea Quigley naked breast moment.

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