Thursday, September 07, 2017

100 Shot, 100 Killed: Golden Eye (1968)

184.5/43 - Yoshio Tsuchiya passed away earlier this week. At 90 years he was one of the originals from Toho Films' heyday featured in so many of their genre films from the 50s to the 90s. He was also in a few documentaries produced in the 2000s. To celebrate his career TKU-TV programmed films all week featuring his work. I watched two this evening: 100 Shot, 100 Killed: Golden Eye a.k.a. Iron Finger 2 a.k.a. BOOTED BABE, BUSTED BOSS. And after that movie The Secret of the Telegian (1960). The former is a fun spy adventure that stars Akira Takarada in the lead role. The latter film is a crackling 60s sci-fi crime thriller. Hadn't seen either so it was fun to check these out. Will have to seek out the DVD for each.

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