Sunday, September 10, 2017

And you'll float too.

182.0/42.5 - Stephen King's IT (2017) Really wanted to see this opening night but had to watch those Tsuchiya movies on TKU-TV. Was way too tired to go on Friday night. Couldn't make the times work yesterday with The Princess Bride screening so I went to the matinee this morning figuring it was a good time bc the Bears game was on (the shows have been selling out and having long lines all weekend). Well I was sorta right bc my theater was only mostly full. In fact that's the most I've seen attend a matinee at my AMC Showplace in Niles. That was nice to see but then I was worried about talkers and phone users. I was right; had a young woman next to me on her phone the entire time when she wasn't talking to the woman sitting next to her. It was so distracting I moved one seat over then finally got up and sat in the row behind me.

Anyways, I fully enjoyed this movie. Nice creepy visuals supported by an excellent young cast. I appreciate the rare 80s throwback movie that doesn't remind of that every 2 minutes. Also very happy they went rated-R. It was hella more believable to hear these kids behave and react like kids. Reminded me of me at that age. Overall very impressed with this movie and what it has accomplished (broke all records for rated-R horror and horror, in general). Not pleased that there are people out there that don't consider this horror... what the fuck. The opening sequence defines this movie as a horror movie and it only accelerates from there. People are either a) stupid b) in denial c) unfamiliar with horror or d) taking a shit on horror. Fuck that. This is a horror in every sense. Enjoy it.

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