Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mob, Parkour, Re-animated Fanboys

The Departed is one I've somehow managed to avoid far too long. As a substantial remake of Infernal Affairs, it stands on its own and had it not been a remake would be an instant classic.

I've owned District B13 for a while and was prompted recently that I oughta take it due to the parkour action sequences. Flawed but totally entertaining.

Re-Animator is flick I only barely remembered from back in the day. Not surprisingly it still holds up rather well but I could see a remake on the horizon.

Caught Fanboys on the big screen and fortunately in audience full of "fanboys" which made the viewing much better for a sub-par flick. It's worth the watch for any Star Wars fans but just don't expect much. Always great to see Seth Rogen and Danny McBride.

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Adam Dorfman said...

great commentary here!