Saturday, February 21, 2009

Movie Night @Ron's: Gory Chocolate Vampires

So happy to have seen Chocolate so soon after being made aware of its awesomeness. A real winner and possibly a movie night HOF candidate. "Girl with Special Needs has Special Need to Kick Ass!" Love it. Prachya Pinkaew can keep bringing it.

Let The Right One In was another evening surprise (unaware that Ron was in possession of this dandy little Swedish vampire flick). All the accolades this one has rec'd are well deserved. It lives up to the hype and inclusion in almost every critic's top ten for 2008.

Tokyo Gore Police I saw last year at Facets and was mildly amused at the time. It's definitely much better in a movie night setting despite all of us dozing off at the end (long day and night!).

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