Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Alive in Jo-burg: The Extended Cut

Was incredibly lucky to win an advanced screening to see District 9 in Chicago (courtesy of Ain't It Cool News & Capone). My only wish was that more of my friends could've won tickets to this exclusive engagement as it was effing amazing all-around (minus the outrageous parking fee at River East). I could go on & on about this event from the atmosphere to the film to the Q&A after the viewing w/Neill Blomkamp, the director, and lead actor, Sharlto Copley. But I won't. Suffice it to say the entire deal was just excellent and incredible and I am very lucky (as is my friend Ron who rec'd the honor of my +1 ticket). Being a film I've anticipated ever since my first viewing of Alive in Joburg 3 years ago I couldn't ask for more. Really wish more of my friends could've experienced what we did. I will be going again for my 2nd viewing on opening weekend... the kind of film that lingers with you and makes you want to see it again.

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