Saturday, August 29, 2009

Killing on the Floating Island

watching the 1952 noir The Sniper which sadly isn't available on DVD. Such a dark film about a women hater w/psychopathic tendencies that snaps and begins killing the women that come into his life. Thanks again to TCM.

caught the 1967 Doctor Dolittle on Retroplex. One not seen since my childhood and one I've always enjoyed (big fan of the Dr. Dolittle books). this movie is so great and so comical. Also features Geoffery Holder which I never would've picked up on as a kid. After tweeting my viewing was recommended to check out Mark Harris' "Pictures at a Revolution?" [Goes into t/making of Dr. Doolittle (wasn't pretty).] As well as John Gregory Dunne's "The Studio" [also focuses on "Dr. Doolittle." Written as DD was in production.] thank Mel for those and I want to check those out.

Followed that with Who Can Kill a Child?, which couldn't be farther from the aforementioned film. Seriously fucked up and disturbing. Easy to see why it's one of Eli Roth's top horror flicks. Damn. But as I noted, I could and would kill the children given the circumstances. Fucking murdering hellions.

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