Friday, January 08, 2010

Nightmare Musicals

Friday night round up...

Mamma Mia! The Movie (2008) via Library. Pierce Brosnan really should avoid roles that involve singing. Amanda Seyfried is damn fine.

Finally Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare (1986) is on DVD via Netflix and featuring the mighty Jon Mikl Thor!

Capped the evening with The Ape Man (1943) a not so good Bela Lugosi flick. After that dropped in Fury of the Wolfman a.k.a. La furia del Hombre Lobo (1972) featuring the late & great Paul Naschy (who just recently passed away November 30, 2009).

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Adam Dorfman said...

if amanda seyfreid was enough to make mamma mia tolerable you should really be watching big love. favorite show on tv right now.