Monday, February 09, 2004

getting real tired of still receiving the mydoom virus at a clip of 1 every 5 minutes. the incompetence and ignorance here baffles me. somehow i wrecked my neck friday; it's remained sore and incredibly bothersome every since... doesn't help in the sleep dept. painkillers are worthless at this point.

saturday i bought a much needed office/desk/computer chair for a 100 bones. could've saved $60 if i took the decent one on sale but i wanted the high executor back. it's slick and does away with a few old worn chairs now headed to the trash; incl. the cadillac (finally). cont'd hunting for a scanner sunday but no luck. just nothing exciting in that area. however, i picked up FF9 for $15. i am so thoroughly disgusted at SC that want to punch the screen so i need to get away from the PC gaming for a bit. and FF9 (PS1) is the right call. also stopped by whole foods to take home a sack of fruit, juice and a gallon of organic milk for $45 (about what i spend on fruit over 6mos @joe caputo's). and wf had organic pink ladies!

fansubbed anime currently watching incl. avenger, peacemaker kurogane, gear fighter dendoh
feudal japan/china/korea epics watched over the weekend incl. Gojoe, Musa the Warrior
new dvd additions incl. Rocky & Bullwinkle Season One 4-disc set
flicks on order incl. battle royale 2

since when did monday become must-see tv night? christ, i'm not ready for it; i'm tired and need a nap. amazed how much time one of my co-workers blatantly spends on personal calls during the day. this is close to yormark proportions.

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