Friday, February 13, 2004

my >mazinkaiser torrent is so close to being done d/l but i so want to go home. long day of work... and strangely enough, i haven't stepped outside the office once today. i must be dehydrated. had the delightful staff meeting this morning which was painful not b/c we were all crammed into the conf. room -- but b/c i'm fullblown sick and i was trying to avoid coughing in there due to the packed room. i dunno what happened but i have mighty cold going. on top of my sore neck. i'm pretty sure that i damaged something in my neck and therefore it will not heal. it's a spike of sharp pain runnin' down the right side towards the back. agh. i just wanna sleep.

my friday link to use at home otherwise i won't get any work done at the office: Gaming Media Perspective. friday link #2 to use at home for the same reason: Dark Tower (thanks to raydeen for that one!). ok, back to working to kill time until my torrent's done. blech. it's friday fer christsakes.

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