Sunday, February 29, 2004

watchin' the academy awards while i pack and prepare for the trip to NYC... and i feel bad for all the great movies this year in the year of the Ring. b/c i'm sure many of these great flicks would probably take home a technical award or two if not for the juggernaut of RotK in the way... and it appears to be cleaning up winning every category it's in so far. crazy but well deserved...

so i watched "thirteen" w/a friend last night who was also my friend when we were 13. the flick brought back a lot of memories and reminded us of many of the stupid things we did at that age. fortunately things weren't quite as over the top as portrayed in the flick nor as depressing... anyhoos, recommended viewing that one.

i must resume packing for NYC... and i'm feeling indifferent at the moment about going. that should change once i'm there and get into it. ah well... i leave you with Gimme Gimme Octopus tonight. enjoy!

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