Monday, August 02, 2004

11PM PST. it's like 54 degrees here in San Jose and some kind of cold spell. whatever. i'm enjoying the cool weather. most of today was spent travelling... 4.5hr flight which sucked then much meandering around getting the booth set up and just waiting. finally at 5:30PM was the much ballyhooed SEMPO meeting which turned out to be rather dull. after this it was one party after another. too much drinking and eating on my part. a real easy way to trash my diet in a few hours...

Overture party was first; too many ppl. then onto the SEMPO/SuperPages party at the Tech Museum; way too cool and the best eats around. it was sick. i over-ate. left that to stray around downtown looking for the GoToast (AtlasOnePoint) party at the Mission Ale House. Finally got there and it was L-A-M-E. returned to the hotel overloaded on booze and food. too tired to think. too loaded on drink. my feet are already killing me. i must retire.

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