Thursday, August 05, 2004

Google Dance 2004 at Google HQ in Mountain View, CAwelp, the flight home wasn't so bad afterall. Shrek 2 was the movie which has to be the 2nd best movie i've gotten on a flight. i dunno if i enjoyed Shrek 2 more than the 1st one but it had it's moments esp. the entire Mongo giant cookie sequence a la Godzilla. Puss In Boots, however, stole the show; Antonio Banderas' best role in ages.

anyhoo, it's really good to be home. i decided to upload all the photos i took from SES. the Google Dance photos are probably the only ones of interest. you can see all the photos here. there's also a short AVI file of Ozomatli who performed at the party. several thousand ppl were at the party incl. a gaggle of Google cuties (hundreds of 'em)... me & bauer grew tired of the whole thing and left a little early. apparently they ran out of alcohol around 10PM or so. ho-hum.

best night for me was last night @Yahoo's party at the Tech Museum (upstairs and downstairs!). huge turnout and lots of good food and drinks. hanging out w/Massimo, Mauro, and Fabio (all from Ad Maiora Italy) and smoking way too many cigarettes was the most fun. Massimo is one cool dude. after we closed down that place we headed to the overcrowded "unofficial" Eonmedia party at the Flying Pig bar. after getting completely soused there i bailed sometime after midnight. i guess blevins and our lawyer were the last two standing at the joint until finally getting the boot. no surprise there.

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