Sunday, August 01, 2004

so today (after staying up till 6AM) i decided to catch a matinee of I,Robot. it wasn't nearly as bad as i expected going it which is probably why i'm saying that now; my expectations were severely low. i chose to go merely b/c i wanted to see the sci-fi FX on the bigscreen... and see Chicago 2035 (all that was "ok"). plus i figured there'd be less ppl to deal with. surprisingly there was a decent amt of folks during my viewing. however, the movie was just blah. i give it a 6/10 b/c it was watchable despite being formula and full of flaws. i saw a lot of wasted potential. ah well.

Next week i'll see The Village which managed to do well despite the number of negative reviews from the critics. i'm thinking it cannot be worse than I,Robot. i picked up Dead Man from the library today and was motivated to see it again as soon as i arrived home (after another takeout Sunday from Amitabul - i'm attempting to try everything on their menu at least once and rate each dish).

Dead Man is such a stellar movie all the way around. i've been wanting to see it again probably ever since the first time i viewed it a few years ago. the look and feel of the flick is sublime w/a terrific Neil Young soundtrack to match. i love that there are so many great actors in such bit roles throughout from the few minutes of Gabriel Byrne in the beginning to Alfred Molina at the end. and Robert Mitchum was brilliant. i'm sorta on a Johnny Depp kick for some strange reason. i think i have his latest, Secret Window, lying around here somewhere. i should watch that soon.

tomorrow i leave for San Jose for the week. my company rigged up a loner laptop for me so i could do "work" while i'm gone attending the trade show. that's lovely of 'em to be so considerate. the worst part of going is just the packing. i hate taking trips like these always thinking i'm gonna leave behind something. with any luck (thanks to the laptop and wireless @the hotel) i'll be able to post about the supremely dull time i'm having and how much booze i manage to drink. we'll see.

a snippet from 'The Village' Delivers a Box Office Surprise: "Universal's family adventure 'Thunderbirds,' a live adaptation of the cult British TV show with marionettes, misfired, opening out of the top 10 with $2.7 million. The film was budgeted at $57 million."

you know it's a bad movie when not only does it not make the top 10 its opening weekend but gets clobbered by Catwoman. truly pathetic.

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