Saturday, August 14, 2004

Wizard World Chicago Day 2

Kevin Smith on the show floor signing autographsas if yesterday was damn long today topped it. Ron and pAT just left my pad moments ago and by the bleary-eyed expression on pAT's face i'm guessing today was equally as exhausting for those two, esp. since they told me they only had about 4hrs of sleep last night. that said, it was pretty damn good day for all present.

i hooked up w/those two this morning @WW shortly after the doors opened. we then proceeded to the exhibitor area to procure a few exclusives before heading to the dealer stronghold where i played the initial tour guide. i directed them to a table selling Sideshow figures at rock bottom prices. from there we moved _slowly_ thru the irritating mass of humans and subhumans clogging the maze of dealer space where Ron and i ran into a fellow Micropolis Embassy list member by sheer accident.

we trudged onward until about 12:30 when i split to attend Steve Sansweet's Star Wars presentation. now i'm hardly the Star Wars fanatic but i wanted to hit this session for a couple of reasons; 1) i was curious to hear about the upcoming trilogy DVD set and forthcoming Episode 3 but more importantly 2) i wanted to see how the 501st Legion attendees would make their presence at this session. the 501st Legion is the Star Wars Costuming Club, the largest of its kind, and there's always a decent sized 501st delegation at WW every year, this year being no exception. and on cue as the session kicked off, the large contingent of Stormtroopers marched down each aisle led by a single Darth Vader, Boba Fett and Jango Fett. this was hilarious as everyone in the audience cheered and clapped. then Steve came on, applauded their fanaticism then told them to take a hike so he could begin. the hour of the session i caught was pretty good w/several clips from the bonus trilogy DVD and a short behind the scenes clip from Ep3. There were a few trailers from the upcoming video games which all looked great...

Kelly Hui walked out to gawk at the stunning Kelly Hu signing autographs; hot damn, she's 10x more attractive in person than in photo or television. forcing myself away i went to look for Ron & pAT and eventually found myself lost on the dealer floor as i discovered new areas i had not yet visited. heading to lobby i decided to check in on the Kevin Smith session that had just started. after watching a few ppl go in the closed doors i decided to go in to see if i would in fact be kicked out for not having a special session pass. i walked in and stood for a few minutes enjoying Smith's banter w/the crowd all the while. when a few ppl got out of their seats to leave i asked security if i could take a seat. he asked if i had a ticket and when i replied 'no' he said "sorry, you can't. but you can stand here in the back." okie-dokie. so i made my way to the corner, shot some video and finally encouraged Ron & pAT to join me in the session.

Kevin Smith was his typical caustic self shredding each person that stood up to ask a question (most deservely so as many of the questions were rather inane and idiotic). Jason Mewes sat off to the side signing Big Ass Jay figures and provided the occasional riotous wise-cracks at all the right moments. the entire session was entertaining as Smith continually attempted to take his off-color explication to a new low; Smith definitely has a strange predilection for ass-fucking and dick-sucking of the gay sort! (i've never understood this nor do i want to)

that finally over we bailed for the land of shiny happy beautiful people and affluent seniors otherwise known as Evanston - it was apparent that we felt way out of place the moment we walked onto the street. we sat for an excellent dinner at the same Thai joint (Farang Meet Thai) that i went to the previous weekend (around the corner from the CineArt theater) before catching the 7:20 viewing of Beat Takeshi's Zatoichi. even w/the atypical senior crowd packing the seats around us it was still as enjoyable as the first time i saw the flick last weekend. both Ron and pAT liked it a lot as i figured they would.

afterwards back to my overcrowded craphole apartment cum toy storage facility where we sat outside on the stoop (no room to sit inside), smoked, conversed and displayed our acquisitions from the day. yeah, the day was tiring but also very satisfying.

today's meager acquisitions:
Devilman Heavy Gohkin Marmit figure -- $10.00
G-Force Mark 12" Real Action Hero figure -- $10.00
Hellboy - "conqueror worm" trade paperback -- $9.00
Hellboy - "the right hand of doom" trade paperback -- $9.00
Professor House of 1000 Corpses figure -- $5.00
Titan AE Space Walker Suit and Cale figure -- $5.00

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