Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Pokemon BoxI finally was able to order this today... old skool over the phone, which scares me more than online ordering. anyways, should be here by Monday next week. i look forward to firing into Sapphire & Ruby (which I still haven't found a used one yet - 'cept that one that got away).

i've been hacking my way thru Silver and it's much fun. caught the Red Gyarados @the lake of rage last night then went on to hand an ass beating to Pryce (Gym Leader #7) for the Glacierbadge and whirlpool HM so now I can visit the whirlpool islands. so far i'm 90/145 own/seen in my Pokedex. i'm pretty amazed myself how easily and quickly i've geeked out over this game... i caught myself reviewing the various card sets at Revolution Comix today. scary.

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