Saturday, July 24, 2004

Kill Bill The Bride Action Figure by Takara CyGirlsi have some exciting news... capt'n satan has launched his 1st blog: yellow claw! go visit now and ring in w/a comment or two. i'm looking forward to reading his piss & vinegar daily sardonism. should be good.

i was running some numbers last night and determined that Asahiya marks up their magazines (and everything else w/a Yen price tag) on average of 45%! unbelievable but true. sadly they're one of the very few sources for quality Japanese rags.

unbeknownst to me, those little Pokemon trading figures i got? well turns out they print which one is in the box right on the damn box! silly rabbit. I only ended up w/one double out of 5 new ones. At least now i know which ones i need to get to complete the set for this series. only 989 more to go!

not to steal any thunder from yellow claw, at the SDCC Takara unveiled (pun intended) their Kill Bill 1/6 scale The Bride action figure as part of the ongoing CyGirls/Cool Girls line. w00t!! along w/this amazing figure, there will be 4 - FOUR! - new Kerberos Panzer Cops(!) on the way w/the new line. This is just sick news. now if Takara decides to make the other lovelies from Kill Bill (Elle Driver?! Go-Go?! sheesh), things will really get disgusting.

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