Monday, July 19, 2004

She-Spawn 2 and Manga She Spawn - Spawn Rebornwatching the first few episodes of the original Land of the Lost series (yep, the dvd set arrived today), it's almost shocking to think i loved this show as a kid. i say this b/c it's utterly and completely retarded, esp. compared to much of the live action kids fare today (and by that i'm mostly referring to Japanese imports). then again i shouldn't be surprised at all. at least i can surmise that my proclivity for shitty movies stems from my childhood.

Will: "Filling this place with dinosaurs is sure one heck of way to run a jungle!"

Holly: "Yeah! And it's not even on schedule!"

at least the nostalgic aspect more than makes up for its lack of quality. ah, here we are in episode two: "beware of sleestak" or as Chaka would say, "sarese-ataka! sarese-ataka!" folks i think i may have a new nick! those $10 costumes couldn't be too hard to make. maybe i should create one for halloween. i picked this up in the 1st ep but it appears that Chaka's speech is the same as the Japanese pronunciation. i mean, "wi-ru" "(h)a-ri" "surisutaku"? jesus, this is lame.

ok, enuff about LotL. today was the most i've worked on a monday all year. i'm certain of it. usually my mondays are spent regaining the strength to get thru the week. sadly today i did not have that luxury; i had to hit the ground running from the time i sat down. didn't get out of there until 8pm and some fucktard set the alarm w/o checking the office so of course it gave the countdown when i got up to check the office for stragglers. luckily i heard it in time and bolted to the door to get it turned off w/o the siren going off.

the weekend recap ain't a whole lot of interesting for here. went back home to see my stepsister and her new baby, who is totally cool and never cried once. even tho it was fairly apparent she (Sif) was somewhat frightened by me and really didn't know what to make of the large dark man. i'm sure she'll begin to draw some comparisons w/satan in her first couple of years. at least that's how one of my friends introduced me to his young child, "that's jay; he's the devil."

came home w/a couple of cheapie Brentwood DVD collections: Black Vengeance (4 flicks) and Horror Classics 2 (8 flicks!) for 6 bucks each. Finally nabbed a used Pokemon Ruby cart for $25 that has, to my delight, all 8 badges and decent yet small collection of Pokemon. still waiting for that Box to arrive. also scored the Spawn Reborn She-Spawn 2 and Manga She-Spawn (still need to locate a Mandarin Spawn from that line).

all this while winning a half-dozen eBay auctions and losing another half-dozen others. ah well.

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