Saturday, July 31, 2004

200th Post! w00t!

big news: my brother finally got his blog up - 16 paws and a dewlap. this is exciting b/c i had no idea he was planning a blog. but i'm happy for him and i look forward to reading it.

last night Nepotism Inc was at full force as me, BBx1 & the Dukes took out the Italian contingent of our advisory board. i really didn't want to go but got wrangled into it. so we headed to Japonais downtown... Japonais = swanky, overpriced sushi joint for Chicago's rich and famous. any wonder why that place was chosen to entertain our Sicilian counterpart? goes w/o saying that it wasn't my scene despite the incredible sushi we ate. fortunately BB & i bailed early. i was pretty loaded by that time so i ended up crashing around midnight which is rare for me on any day let alone a friday.

slept late and long finally gettin' up and rolling around noon. had much to do before heading to kev & erica's open house. by the time i arrived it was almost time to head to the 7PM showing of Some Kind Of Monster (the metallica documentary). we hit the Highland Park theater and i was shocked that for that town it was only a $5 admission! that's cheaper than even any of the matinees near me. the documentary is LONG but well worth it for any past or present metallica fan... or music fan in general i suppose. altho for the casual viewer it probably wouldn't hold much appeal. at least now i know the reasons why their last album sucked so much. ah well, i'm glad i saw it.

so much for my 200th post.

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