Sunday, July 25, 2004

the weekend has come and all but gone faster than i wanted. yesterday caught up w/kev to catch The Bourne Supremacy later followed by an excellent Thai dinner in Highland Park, kev & erica's treat for a belated b-day meal. arrived back @the apt around 10:30PM in time for EbeRoeper's weekly schmucking of the latest in-theater flicks (at least they railed on Catwoman and praised TBS). it was nice to hear them give props to Beat Takeshi's Zatoichi. i so look forward to seeing that in the theater!

btw, TBS was pretty damn good. not sure if it was better than its predecessor but at least it killed at the box office w/a $53million haul (not bad for a $75m budget). Matt Damon has struck a new niche as a contemporary action star. gone are the muscles and machismo of 80s. the story was weaved well ('cept for 1 plot point) and the black ops turns from Damon were slick (i chuckled outloud at most of them). a worthy sequel indeed.

this morning i was up early (after only 4hrs of sleep) and off to catch King Arthur @Crown Village. my busy summer weekends haven't left many openings to see the latest movie fare so i planned to see at least one more flick before the weekend was over. i chose K.Arthur over I.Robot or Catwoman. good choice, me thinks, since Arthur was very good, IMO. i'm pretty sure I wouldn't say that about those other two. Clive Owen does a good Arthur and the movie (directed by Antoine Fuqua) was an interesting take on the Round Table mythology. EbeRoeper criticized the overuse of battle scenes yet there were only 3 main battles in movie (and a brief skirmish in the beginning). again i dunno what they were smoking when they viewed the flick. now the movie ain't perfect (Stellan Skarsgard, a Swede, playing a southern redneck leading the Saxons?!) but i enjoyed it nevertheless. it reminded me a lot of Fuqua's Tears of the Sun as well as Musa the Warrior.

i picked up some more cheapie DVDs before grabbing carry out at Amitabul and heading home for lunch and a nap. i made rumaki tonight (only my 2nd time ever) and they turned out pretty good (i'm in a testing phase trying different teriaki marinades right now). rumaki, btw, is more a hors d'oeuvre than a meal but they can be filling. if you're not familiar w/it, rumaki is a water chestnut & chicken liver wrapped in bacon and marinaded in either teriaki sauce or a homemade recipe then baked for 45min. that probably doesn't sound appealing but trust me, it is.

while i was doing that i started the process of my first Baron Karza repaint - a dark blue Karza. it's a tedious process but worth it if you want a good outcome. i need to pick up some more supplies to finish it off right (i want to add silver highlights). so far all the arm assemblages are currently drying. and thru all this i've managed to watch another 3 DVDs (all ones i picked up today): an old dubbed kung-fu flick, C.H.U.D., and The Wraith (on right now and one of my guilty pleasures flicks - i love this movie!).

i meant to post a whole slew of trailers i watched during the wee hours this morning but that'll have to wait. check back for some upcoming movie goodness. and i have to mention that i am enjoying Yellow Claw immensely. if you haven't taken a look yet do so now... it's worth the read.

oh yeah, for more Takara micro-goodness, check out the upcoming Catwoman (the cool outfit not Halle's bondage queen) and Batgirl MicroLadies! Sweet.

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