Friday, April 03, 2009

Cantonese Comic Characters

C is for Comic Book Villains.

I really liked how Comic Book Villains started and was expecting to peg it as a decent fanboy, comic geek nerd-fest with all the fun comic references and general comic store talk. But the flick devolved in an attempted dark comedy and failed. What's sad (in addition to some talented actors under-utilized) is that I think there was a good story to play out in this but they took it a different direction unfortunately. Really wanted to like this.

Felt like taking in a more acclaimed Pang Brothers film after the disastrous Bangkok Dangerous remake left such a bad taste in my mouth. Re-Cycle has some pretty good reviews much of which would be my assessment; many of the Pang trademarks coupled with some excellent CG environments. The story pokes along but the visuals make this an interesting watch. Love the "land of abandonment" full of broken, creepy toys. Give it a solid 3 out of 5 (could've been a good 4 if the story was better realized).

Christopher Nolan's first feature Following is a tidy precursor to Memento. Enjoyable to follow story in three timelines as it builds towards the end. Very good watch.

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