Thursday, April 02, 2009

Big Basketball Boner

B is for The Big Lebowski.

This has been on my re-watch list for a long time and since today is "B" it made sense (and my planned "B" title was a disc fail). I dunno if I was stoned or drunk (or both) when I last saw The Big Lebowski b/c every time I hear the name or any reference to "The Dude" I have hard time recalling moments of the flick or the general storyline. But upon this viewing it was like everything came rushing back as if I had seen the film a dozen times (no, I haven't). For some reason I think I was blurring The Fisher King, Kingpin and this one. Yeah, Bridges and bowling. Anyways, it's still a great watch but I still wish John Turturro got more screen time.

Semi-Pro is probably the worst Will Ferrell film I've seen. Such a disappointment in every way. Not funny and generally uninteresting. If there is anything good here it would only be the memorable scenes of one Jackie Earle Haley, whom I immediately recognized when he made his entrance. That's already too many words about this forgettable flap.

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