Monday, April 13, 2009

Man, Michael Moves

M is for Michael Clayton.

A not so recent Smodcast where Kevin Smith waxes poetic about Michael Clayton put this film back on my radar however it was Duncan Jones tweet the other day that reminded me of this necessary watch. So I savored the "M" day when I knew I would finally take in this excellent movie. Clooney, Wilkinson, Swinton all so good with a killer ending.

After enduring the feature adaptation of Miami Vice (Michael Mann's Unrated Director's Cut), I now know why it was so critically panned. This was lifeless and uninteresting from the word go. With nearly zero character development I didn't care about any of the characters or whether they lived or died. Therefore none of the would be suspense grabbed me making for a long, boring watch. Was expecting so much more from Mann. And as a huge fan of Gong Li, I really despised her character here. All around disappointing.

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