Monday, April 06, 2009

Fearsome Foxy Faris

F is for Funny Games (2008).

Funny Games (2008 remake) is without a doubt a polarizing flick; like or dislike there's no in-between. I thought I would be the exception but no. I slant more towards dislike. I'm just not fond of breaking the fourth wall in films, esp. in what's meant to be serious and fear-inducing. Parts of it I did find interesting but not enough to give an overly positive recommendation.

I was expecting more of the subversion I'd heard about in a few critics' reviews in The House Bunny. Unfortunately it's not what I got. Maybe if I paid more attention but this isn't the kind of flick that you want to give such focus. I kinda expected this and purposely threw this on to follow up the intensity of Funny Games. Anna Faris looked damn good. I had a hard time buying the quick turnaround via makeover of the nerd girl sorority despite it being a fantasy comedy. Not terrible but not great.

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