Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Anne Annie Annihilation

A is for Annie Hall.

Only caught bits and pieces of Annie Hall throughout the years but another that I've never watched from beginning to end. On the film critics top 100 so wanted to cross it off the list but it is cute and funny and a good watch overall. Woody Allen is at his best here and few moments I had me LOL. Clearly where Curb Your Enthusiasm got some of its inspiration.

Outpost is a competent horror flick with a plot similar to Dog Soldiers (but not nearly as funny or good). That's not to say this is bad because it's not. And I'm a sucker for Nazi Zombies (see Død snø) and here they are represented pretty damn well. I also like Ray Stevenson who looks the part of head mercenary. I enjoyed this and will watch again.

The modern Get Smart film is really bad. Wow. I wasn't expected this to be good but was still amazed at how dull and lifeless this is and what a sad waste of talent. I will say that Anne Hathaway has never looked better; she actually has some meat on her bones and was rather alluring throughout. Probably the only thing that kept me watching.

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