Friday, July 22, 2011

Somewhere Under a Giving Tree

Left the office to drop into The Tree of Life (2011) over at CineArts in Evanston. Really, really love the love of --- film, which is no surprise. Just didn't care for the simplistic story. My thoughts may change on this over time but for now let's just say the so-called non-narrative didn't work for me. The lack of narrative isn't a problem since the central story is so basic. It's just not interesting. A very disappointing 5.5 / 10 Imagine following that with Sofia Coppola's Somewhere (2010) that received so much derision when it was released last year. I can see why but I didn't have a problem with content. It was (again) another issue of an overly simplistic story that just didn't do much but kinda sit there. No real punch or kick. Watchable although I probably won't watch it again. But it's worth checking out. 6 / 10
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  • July Re-watch: 4
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