Friday, February 04, 2011

Chilly Cheese Dogs

Attempting to knock off a few NWI titles this month. Moon of the Wolf (1972) is another one about maybe a werewolf that's killing people in a small Louisiana community. Or is it a pack of wild dogs? First half is somewhat dull but it really picks up when the mystery is revealed. 6/10

GGTMC recently covered Body Rock (1984) on their podcast and it was something I had to watch before listening. Lorenzo Lamas is Chilly, a breakdancing star (no, not really), as he climbs the ladder to success leaving his friends behind. So damn funny. 5.5/10

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  • February Re-watch: 0
  • February '11 Total: 10
  • February '10 Total: 61
  • 2011 TOTAL: 101

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