Saturday, February 19, 2011

Movie Night 2011 #2

Finally, our first "official" movie night of 2011 (2nd overall). Great to have Kristin (@KreepyLady) out for her first time along with Shannon and her husband Jon. Also Pat in attendance making our group a healthy seven plus 2 kids (kids didn't watch the films =). I believe this might be the first movie night where I have seen all the films prior our event. Fortunately our guests had not so we had a great time.

First up: Monsters (2010) on blu-ray holds up and I think I like it even more on the 2nd viewing. Worked for half of us. Jon didn't seem to care too much for it. Kristin dug it. I'd watch it again. 7.7/10

Second: Dogtooth (2009) via NWI was the crowd pleaser we expected it to be. Half of us had seen it so it was a blast watching with first-timers. Adore this film. 7.8/10

Third on the evening: Sante Sangre (1989) on blu-ray looks gorgeous. Having only seen it on my VHS copy, this is the best it's looked. Had forgotten so much of it so it was great to see it again. Very special film. 8/10

Finished the evening with my new blu-ray of Death Race 2000 (1975). Think everyone had seen this movie before so it played well as the last film. Looks amazing on blu-ray and first-time I've seen in widescreen! 7.8/10

Gotta say that was a solid movie night at the Captain Satan household! Already looking forward to the next one! Tough to program so rock solid of a line-up top to bottom.

  • February New: 44
  • February Re-watch: 5
  • February '11 Total: 49
  • February '10 Total: 61
  • 2011 TOTAL: 140

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kevin said...

jesus, every movie you listed is fantastic.