Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday for Film Watching

Friday before movie night and I'm watching Charlie Sheen do coke and steal Porsche cars with an undercover cop D.B. Sweeney in No Man's Land (1987). Don't think Charlie was acting. Plus Bill Duke! 6.5/10

Oh, and Hot Dog... The Movie (1984) is also on MGMHD. Been ages since I've seen this. Shannon Tweed is smoking. Oh, David Naughton! 6/10

Back to my blindspot list for Woody Allen's Manhattan (1979), another one I didn't care so much about back in the day. Now it's a delight. Mariel Hemingway shouldn't have been nominated for Best Supporting Actress. Diane Keaton is excellent. 8/10

Another blindspot is Roberto Benigni's Life is Beautiful (1997), which did a good job of sucking me in. Had no interest in viewing this but now I'm very happy I have. Charming and heartbreaking. 8/10

Parasite (1982), the really bad post-apocalyptic flick with Demi Moore's first feature film role. Fun practical effects and very watchable despite being an awful film. Yeah, Charles Band. 5.5/10

  • February New: 44
  • February Re-watch: 1
  • February '11 Total: 45
  • February '10 Total: 61
  • 2011 TOTAL: 136

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