Sunday, February 06, 2011

Maze of Deceit

The Maze (1953) is more of that 50s horror sci-fi I love so much. Was on NWI and definitely creepy as a woman tries to reunite with her estranged fiance now residing in an old castle. Naturally he's hiding a secret from her. Good! 6.7/10

The Ghost Writer (2010) was such a surprise thriller. Regret missing in the theater as I love Polanski's cinematography and color palette. Fun performances by McGregor and Brosnan. Didn't buy Kim Cattrell's accent for a second. 7.8/10

The Other Guys (2010) was a library pick-up and forced watch because I figured I had to see this at some point. Unfortunately it didn't work all that well for me. It has its moments but pushes too hard most of time. Wasn't crazy about Ferrell but Wahlberg is fine here. 6/10

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