Wednesday, January 07, 2004

did you know they made godzilla beanie babies?! (and Ghidorah! and Mothra!) neither did i. how did i miss these? oh right. i hate beanie babies. bloody 'ell tho! i guess they were done in conjunction w/the release of GMK (check the review i posted below 12/30).

Joe Gibbs back w/the redskins? say it ain't so. dammit, i keep forgetting to bring in my mug warmer i got @the co.xmas party. started watching (nothing cannot be stolen by) Mouse last night... cute, unoriginal anime series w/fan service a plenty (that link will give you a pretty good indication). just the kind i like. ^_~

spice has been a roll over at punch+it+up ever since the holidays... check it out if you haven't recently. and he pre-ordered his FF:CC. i need to get on that. speakin' ov, wtf is up w/the crazy S&H over my cost was $22 and shipping was $11.45 - MORE THAN HALF MY COST. kick in the groovy 40% off coupon they sent out today and my cost was 13 bucks (+s&h)! their shipping charges are like the jagbags on ebay that inflate s&h to offset their low prices. it's so very annoying. /rant

anyways, at least i finally got that joanna dark 12" figure... i love bargain shopping for cheap, cool toys. sadly they sold out of the Thundarr i-men figures by the time i checked out. btw, don't buy their hype on the kaiju plush dolls (king ghidorah this time around --soldout even)... $30 is the asking price on several sites. 10 bucks less and i'd pick one up for my niece.

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