Tuesday, January 20, 2004

FINAL FANTASY XII looks wicked cool... but i'm still wondering which platform will get this in '05? PS2 seems logical but with Xbox gearing up their v2 console will the PS3 be close behind?

ok, it's officially cold in chicago. more noticeable having just returned from los angeles. i'm no longer keen on moving to the LA area but they still get a + in the weather column. i'm off to the dentist to get a new crown. yippee. no dental insurance. yippee x2.

boy that was a fun way to spend $800! can't wait to go back for the finishing touches feb 3. did i mention the no dental insurance part? so tonite i have a research thing - not a group - but an 1on1 interview. haven't had one of those b4 but after hearing my overture rep's story about his 1on1 then getting flown to detroit to visit GM and paid $1000 - all for his opinion on sports cars; i have my hopes up.

no, no i don't. i drive a nissan altima. i finished my groovy homework project for the interview and expect to get high marks on it. i'm heading to the spice lair afterwards.

besides the lingering numbness the worst part of getting a crown is the smell of the drilling as it bores out my tooth. it smells like burnt flesh.

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