Monday, January 12, 2004

yesterday was haze... mainly from not having enough sleep and staying awake to watch both divisional playoff games. i'm still sick about the packers loss/eagles win. i don't like either team but i hate the eagles more than any other NFL team. i think another reason for being in such a sunday funk is knowing the monday morning is less than a day away... and i no longer enjoy mondays as i have in the past. and today is no exception... i would love nothing more than walk out and call it a day. a career. whatever.

yes, i am watching the latest average joe series as well as the surreal life (both on tonight; the latter a rerun). someone has to. and, no, i'm not proud.

if i was loaded like a rock star or professional athlete or a-list hollywood actor i would waste my money here. thanks to raydeen i'm watching looney tunes tonight and closin' off the world. (an aside: raydeen recently asked who phixed was and likewise phixed asked who raydeen was. that's good stuff right there)

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