Thursday, January 08, 2004

Man with No Name

oh wow i almost missed this story: The New Cubicle Commandos@wired. a few of my friends should have no problem relating to this... and at least 1 or 2 share my disdain toward the direction boutique toys are going.

that said, i was actually thinking about coming up w/my own line of cool designer toys. i have the concept worked out just need the fabrication details. now that i think of it, i have 2 ideas... one just came to me. hmm, i need to get on it. that and my new search engine concept.

speakin' ov designer toys, do i get this KUSA trooper or this one? my panzer cop needs a friend...

watched Fistful of Dollars last night/this morning (from Leone's The Man with No Name Trilogy ... it's nearly a note-for-note ape of Yojimbo. still a great flick but lacking that umph after watching Yojimbo a few times. however, Eastwood does indeed rock as does Ennio's soundtrack natch. totally recommended viewing.

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