Thursday, January 29, 2004

spent the day in wisconsin... for work. visited a couple clients i've worked with for a long time but never met face to face. the martian impressed me the most b/c i always thought he was this blue collar supervisor guy for an industrial B2B conglomerate. turns out he's totally tech savvy. he demo'd his new HP tablet PC -- way cool. and we talked about micro$oft's strategy w/the xbox this year and '05. i honestly wasn't expecting that from this guy... color me impressed but he went way up in my book.

awesome salad fer lunch at water st brewing company. brew not so good. what i like about milwaukee is that it's so easy & cheap to get around. garage parking for 2hrs cost us $4 (chicago $17). meter parking for 45min cost $.35 (chicago $.75). 2 mile drive thru midtown milw during lunch hr 5min (chicago 20-30min). you get the idea. i'm not saying milw is better than chicago. i'm just saying that it's easier and cheaper to get around. and i never disliked living there.

long drive back in shitty traffic. burning the night gaming brood war past my bedtime. have a 7:45AM departure for a chicago river north client meeting in the morning. with any luck i'll manage 3hrs of sleep.

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